Christmas – ‘When are you having children?’ – BLOGMAS DAY 18

Christmas is based around spending time with your family. Toy adverts are filling your screens and family are asking ‘When are you having children?’   It’s tough. Luckily for me, my family seems to be asking my mum who knows about our journey. She writes them off quickly with a ‘ohh not yet. They’re enjoying being on their own at the moment.’ It’s like a filter, a filter I’m currently very grateful for. I’m not so lucky at work where […]

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Room Tour

To say “I’ll start the house tour in the bedroom” sounds an awful lot like I’m inviting you in for anything but a house tour. The real reason? It’s the only room that’s actually either tidy or complete at the moment. It’s not your typical blogger’s bedroom. There’s only a little natural light and I haven’t got any fancy ladder shelves or candles. Compared to our last little bedroom (where I’d have to climb over the bed to get to […]

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