The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – World Chocolate Day!

Tomorrow is World Chocolate Day! The perfect excuse to stuff your face, and make your favourite chocolate recipes. I made these super scrumptious triple chocolate chip cookies and I think it’s safe to say they went down very well. Seeing as we have absolutely none left. One day I’ll learn to hide a couple somewhere out of reach from my husband! To make these Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies you will need: 200g Softened Butter 300g Soft Brown Sugar 300g Self […]

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Royal Wedding Cupcakes Recipe!

royal wedding cupcakes 2018 harry and meghan MARKLE

  It’s time to get your best frock out, decorate your street with Union Jacks and get ready for a royal street party. This Saturday Harry and Meghan are getting married, but it’s a celebration for the whole country with many people organising street parties or family get-togethers. Even my work are have a Royal Wedding Cake sale with all proceeds going to charity. I’ve made these super easy Royal Wedding Cupcakes especially for the occasion!   To make these […]

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No bake Maltesers treats recipe

After making my scrumptious Easter Shortbread ft. Smarties I couldn’t resist making another recipe featuring… you guessed it more chocolate. I have a real sweet-tooth at the moment but something makes me feel a little less guilty when the chocolate’s mixed into a recipe. So I decided to make some no bake Maltesers Treats! My husband saw me bring back the ingredients and asked each and every day (without fail) when I was going to be making them for my blog. […]

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Easter Shortbread Recipe Ft. Smarties Mini Eggs!

Easter Egg Shortbread Recipe - Easter Shortbread

I woke up this morning with absolutely no intention of doing anything but watching television and maybe some housework. Scrolling through twitter I saw everyone posting their scrumptious Easter Recipes and felt like I was missing out a little. I ran to the kitchen and stared at my empty cupboards. What did I have to work with? Half a bag of caster sugar, left-over flour and butter freshly bought for my hot cross buns. Oh… and those Smartie Easter Eggs […]

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Valentines Recipe – Heart Cookies

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that cookies weren’t my first choice for this Valentines Recipe. I had already attempted churos that resulted in inedible food mixture all down my dressing gown and a ruined pair of oven gloves. So guess what? We’re going to stick to easy Valentines cookies! They are cute though aren’t they! To make these cute Valentine’s cookies you will need:  100g Light Brown Sugar 125g Softened Butter 125g Caster Sugar 200g Self Raising […]

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Biscuits for Santa & A few of my Favourite December Blogs

This is my first year doing Blogmas. This also means it’s my first year that I’ve had the pleasure of reading everyone else’s amazing blogmas posts! There are so many incredible posts that have had so much time and effort put into them. You can see all the posts that I’ve loved on Bloglovin but I’ve decided to pick out five that I really enjoyed this year.   Below is also a recipe for biscuits. They can either be for Santa […]

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Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe – BLOGMAS DAY 19

Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe

Mint Aero has always been one of my favourites, and these Mint Aero Rocky Road treats definitely fill my Christmas chocolate craving. They’re easy to make, no-bake treats that can be served at a party, a movie night, or pop them in your lunch bag for work or school! You can cut them into sizes of your choice, but I will warn you that you’ll probably pick up more than one once you taste how scrumptious they are!     […]

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Reindeer Cake Recipe – Blogmas Day 8

Christmas Reindeer Cake

I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas cake, but have never been a fan of fruit or blueberries which seems to be what most people fill their Christmas treats with.  You know I’m a sucker for animals, especially christmas animals, especially especially cute reindeer so I decided why not make a reindeer cake! To make this cute Reindeer Cake you need: 2 Sandwich Tins Baking Paper 6 Medium Eggs 425g Softened Butter 300g Caster Sugar 300g Self Raising Flour 2 Teaspoon […]

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Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe – BLOGMAS Day 2

Growing up I always loved making rice crispy birds nests around easter time. Never a fan of marshmellow I swapped it out and used chocolate instead. (That’s probably why I liked them so much….) It is such a cute, cheap and easy to make recipe and even better? This time of year we get to shape them into rice crispy christmas trees! To make these yummy Rice Crispy Christmas Trees you need: 200g Rice Crispies 200g White Chocolate Green food colouring […]

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Winter Snow Truffles – Recipe

This is the second time I’ve made these scrumptious Winter Snow Truffles. I originally decorated them as Pumpkins for Halloween which may explain the Terry’s Chocolate Orange but you can always find them down the Christmas treat aisle so it definitely still works! These will need to be left overnight so make them well in advance! This recipe makes 24 of these Terry’s Chocolate Orange winter Snow Truffles.   You will need:  2 Terry’s Chocolate Orange. 300g White chocolate 80g […]

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