Christopher Robin Poundland Stationary Haul

poundland christopher robin winnie the pooh haul

Christopher Robin Stationary Poundland Haul I used to love going to Poundland when I was younger. We’d always pick up some cheap sweets and have a wander around their home bit seeing how much we could get with the scraps of money we had left. Since we moved, it’s no longer on my way home and I just don’t venture into that part of town anymore. However, last week I found myself with a spare 10 minutes waiting for my […]

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Hotel Cheyenne Review – Disneyland Paris

hotel cheyenne review disneyland paris

We hadn’t even decided we were visiting Disneyland when I came across Hotel Cheyenne. It was perfect, we absolutely love Toy Story (You’ve got a friend in me was our first dance at our wedding) and they were advertising a really good deal if we visited between certain dates. The deal gave us 25% off and free half board. (The offer is currently still on for this summer, so it’s definitely worth checking it out!) Our plans changed a little as […]

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Disneyland Paris Haul

For our two year Wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you’ve ever been to any of the Disneyland parks you’ll know that there’s a store every 2 steps so you really can’t stop yourself having a browse. Before you even enter you have the World of Disney store, plus a Disney store just down the street. As soon as you step into the parks, you’ve got market type stalls, and the Emporium straight ahead. From then […]

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Disneyland Paris Diary

To celebrate our two year wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris! We had the most amazing time so I thought I’d do a little Disneyland Paris Diary. I hope you enjoy it! Day -One Disneyland Paris Diary Yes that is a minus in the heading and not just a typo. The day before we were meant to be leaving I checked the train times to find out our connecting Eurostar train was cancelled. Long story short after […]

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Favourite Disney Quotes

We’re heading off to Disneyland Paris next month so lately we (maybe more I) have been trying to get into the Disney Spirit. From watching my favourite Disney films and singing all of the songs at the top of my lungs, I’m going to spend the next few weeks cramming in as much Disney magic as humanly possible. Favourite Disney Quotes. No matter which Disney film you pick, you’ll always find some words of wisdom. Or maybe a small line […]

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My Favourite Disney Films!

favourite disney films - pop funko - repunzel moana

Walt Disney has been making films since 1937, with every single one of them bringing magic into our cinemas, homes and lives. We all grew up with the stories, although can you believe I only saw Lion King for the first time in February? I still have a long way to go before I’ve experienced all of the Disney magic but I’ve made a small list of my favourite Disney films (so far!)   Let me know if I’ve missed […]

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Primark Disney Haul!

Last week we decided to plan a sort-of last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. The week before I’d seen a collection of Disney bits in Primark that I told myself ‘I had no need for.’  Well guess what? Now I have a need for them! I had a little birthday money left over so I treated myself. Here’s my Primark Disney Haul!     Mickey Mouse backpack – £12 There was a sparkley Disney backpack floating around Instagram a few months back, […]

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My Favourite Christmas Decorations – Blogmas Day 22

As you’ve seen in my Decorating for Christmas blog my home is filled with lights, reindeer and Christmas magic. We have so many decorations I’ve had to put two full boxes away in storage because I simply just can’t find room for them. On the other hand I have some decorations that I absolutely love and have backstories so I’m going to pick out my favourite christmas decorations and give a little story time whilst you get to know me a little better. […]

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Meanings behind the Christmas Tree Decorations – Blogmas Day 11

  Don’t worry, the truth is I decorated quite a while ago (possibly even in November but no one needs to know that) and every evening I get to come home and just stare at my beautiful christmas grotto. Yes you may think that they may be decorations, but they’re more than just decorations. They’re memories and stories. These are the meanings behind the Christmas Tree Decorations. We’ll start with the Christmas Tree. Last year, my nan had some money she wanted […]

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