Types of people at Christmas – Blogmas Day 10

So it’s Christmas. The tree’s are up, the lights are hung and everyone is filled with Christmas cheer. Okay.. maybe not everyone. I work within a very large team and over the last week I’ve seen that everyone is dealing with Christmas in their own way. I’ve managed to split these people into little groups and without telling them I’ve decided that these are the different types of people at Christmas. We’ll start with.. The Grinch They celebrate Christmas, but […]

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Christmas Traditions – BLOGMAS Day 9

Even though we’ve been together for Nine years, we’ve never spent Christmas together. This means the only Christmas traditions we really had were going to Starbucks and exchanging gifts before he travelled to see his family.   This year he’s stuck with me! So we have some traditions to make! I’ve had a look around and have been thinking for quite a while and here are five christmas traditions we (mostly more I…) would really like to start. Honestly, they […]

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Reindeer Cake Recipe – Blogmas Day 8

Christmas Reindeer Cake

I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas cake, but have never been a fan of fruit or blueberries which seems to be what most people fill their Christmas treats with.  You know I’m a sucker for animals, especially christmas animals, especially especially cute reindeer so I decided why not make a reindeer cake! To make this cute Reindeer Cake you need: 2 Sandwich Tins Baking Paper 6 Medium Eggs 425g Softened Butter 300g Caster Sugar 300g Self Raising Flour 2 Teaspoon […]

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Favourite Christmas Movies – Blogmas Day 7

You can’t have Christmas without Christmas movies. Jingle bells and cheesey love stories galore. There are 24 hour TV channels around this time of year simply to fulfill this part of Christmas and although it’s an extremely difficult task I’ve managed to narrow down the list to my 5 favourite Christmas Movies. Nativity My absolute favourite. I’m going to proudly say I’ve already watched it atleast 6 times this year. I think it’s something about the cute children full of […]

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Sleeping under the Christmas Tree & Smores recipe – Blogmas Day 6

In the summer everyone’s sleeping out under the stars. In the winter you see us sleeping under the Christmas Tree lights. Well you do now.   This would be perfect for young children. Unfortunately we’re still hoping for our future so at the moment it’s just us, but that’s okay. Nothing sounds better than snuggling up together with a blanket the night after decorating for Christmas. Christmas lights, movies and smores. What more could you want?   My husband did try […]

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Getting into and keeping the Christmas spirit – BLOGMAS Day 5

Christmas Character mugs

It’s the 4th November and I’m putting out Christmas Decorations at work. School’s finished for the day and children are really enjoying the animated Elf and Santa’s that fill the shelves. These character’s unfortunately sing. They sing the same 20 seconds on repeat. A dad looks at me with a sigh, ‘I don’t know how you can cope working down this aisle.’ It’s very easy to lose the Christmas spirit and almost despise it by the time Santa’s due. Even if […]

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Christmas Gifts Under £5 – BLOGMAS DAY 4

With so many shops trying to persuade to buy the ‘perfect’ Christmas present it can become so difficult!  I’ve had a good look around and collected together a few of my favourite Christmas gifts under £5. These presents are perfect for those on a budget, stocking fillers or even a little secret santa present! All of my featured Christmas gifts under £5 are linked so feel free to click the titles! (None of the links are affiliated so I make absolutely no money if you […]

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How to hint your way to the perfect Christmas Gift – BLOGMAS DAY 3

How to hint your way to the perfect christmas gift

Christmas is nearly here and although your ‘grateful’ face is worthy of an oscar nomination every time you open a new pair of socks, you just need a little help in how to hint your way to the perfect Christmas gift. I mean, you can always pop it on your Santa list, but he can’t get you everything so these tips are more for parents or partners. 1. Make sure they’re listening to you.  If you’re anything like me you’ve […]

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Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe – BLOGMAS Day 2

Growing up I always loved making rice crispy birds nests around easter time. Never a fan of marshmellow I swapped it out and used chocolate instead. (That’s probably why I liked them so much….) It is such a cute, cheap and easy to make recipe and even better? This time of year we get to shape them into rice crispy christmas trees! To make these yummy Rice Crispy Christmas Trees you need: 200g Rice Crispies 200g White Chocolate Green food colouring […]

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