Christmas Fair Diary – The Charmandean Worthing

The Fairy Tale Fair held another Christmas fair yesterday at the Worthing Charmandean Centre raising money for St Barnabas House. “St Barnabas House is an independent charitable hospice located in Worthing, West Sussex. We provide end of life care services, both at the hospice and in the local community, to adults with advanced progressive life-limiting conditions.” St Barnabas House   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tori (JustTheBeginning-x) (@justthebeginningx) on Dec 2, 2018 at 3:43am PST […]

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blogmas giveaway

There’s no better way than to start off December than with a BLOGMAS giveaway! If you’re not sure what BLOGMAS is you can always head on over to my post from last year which gives you a little description. You still have time to join in!     I hosted my first giveaway back in June when I launched my shop on here and I was so grateful for everyone’s support and entries. Unfortunately it was only for the UK, […]

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Our Christmas Day in Photos!

This is less of a blog post and more of a little photo album of our Christmas Day. It’s the first year we’ve spent it together as my husband usually travels to Kent with his family. This year he spent it stuffing his face with chocolate, watching Doctor Who and playing some super cool card games we got gifted. We woke up to find that Santa had eaten his cookies and had placed loads of presents under the tree! (Yes, […]

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Christmas Eve – BLOGMAS DAY 24

Christmas Eve is here. I’ve just arrived home after spending a beautiful 8 hour shift at work. 8 hours surrounded by the last minute christmas rush and those trying to find some bargains for the big day. The most festive I’ve been is my jingle bell jumper and my reindeer antlers. My festive clothing lets the other staff and customers know where I am at all times, by acting almost like a radar. Every step… JINGLE JINGLE. Now it’s time […]

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Biscuits for Santa & A few of my Favourite December Blogs

This is my first year doing Blogmas. This also means it’s my first year that I’ve had the pleasure of reading everyone else’s amazing blogmas posts! There are so many incredible posts that have had so much time and effort put into them. You can see all the posts that I’ve loved on Bloglovin but I’ve decided to pick out five that I really enjoyed this year.   Below is also a recipe for biscuits. They can either be for Santa […]

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My Favourite Christmas Decorations – Blogmas Day 22

As you’ve seen in my Decorating for Christmas blog my home is filled with lights, reindeer and Christmas magic. We have so many decorations I’ve had to put two full boxes away in storage because I simply just can’t find room for them. On the other hand I have some decorations that I absolutely love and have backstories so I’m going to pick out my favourite christmas decorations and give a little story time whilst you get to know me a little better. […]

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Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe – BLOGMAS DAY 19

Mint Aero Rocky Road Recipe

Mint Aero has always been one of my favourites, and these Mint Aero Rocky Road treats definitely fill my Christmas chocolate craving. They’re easy to make, no-bake treats that can be served at a party, a movie night, or pop them in your lunch bag for work or school! You can cut them into sizes of your choice, but I will warn you that you’ll probably pick up more than one once you taste how scrumptious they are!     […]

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Sass & Belle Christmas Sale Haul – Blogmas Day 17

  A few things that I love; (as you already know) I love Christmas. I also love Sass & Belle. Another of my favourite thing’s is a sale. I think you know where this is heading. Sass & Belle have a Christmas sale! Just the other day my husband asked   ‘What do you want for Christmas’ ‘Just go to Sass & Belle‘ ‘Yeah, but what do you want from there?’ ‘Anything.. you could buy me anything from Sass and Belle […]

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Gift Wrapping Tips and DIY Christmas Gift Bows – BLOGMAS DAY 12

This time of year Instagram and Pinterest are always covered in perfectly wrapped presents sitting under perfectly presented Christmas Trees. I can’t help you with the tree decorating but I am going to share a few of my favourite gift wrapping tips and tricks!   Remove price tags and labels. Before you even get the gift wrap out make sure all price tags and labels have been removed. And once you think you’ve checked… check again. I bought a blanket […]

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