The Best Pregnancy / Fertility Apps

You grow up thinking that getting pregnant is a given. Come off birth control and you’re life plan begins. I personally never though that I’d be inputing every single piece of information into an app to try and get the best information on when to get pregnant. I’m a sucker for information, so I searched for pregnancy/ fertility apps that would organise all of this for me. With irregular cycles I wanted one that could be a friend, keep me positive […]

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Hello 2018

graphics tablet and imac

I’m always one for ‘New Years Resolutions’ that seem to disintegrate after about a month (if  I’m lucky), so I’m not going to say these are my new years resolutions. Let’s begin with 2017 summed up: Started of a little ‘eh’ moved into ‘great’ then dropped straight back into bleh. So honestly? I’m sort of relying on 2018 to make up for it. I’ve split up my goals into a few little categories. MY LITTLE BLOG I just hit 50 followers on BLOGLOVIN! Okay.. […]

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Christmas – ‘When are you having children?’ – BLOGMAS DAY 18

Christmas is based around spending time with your family. Toy adverts are filling your screens and family are asking ‘When are you having children?’   It’s tough. Luckily for me, my family seems to be asking my mum who knows about our journey. She writes them off quickly with a ‘ohh not yet. They’re enjoying being on their own at the moment.’ It’s like a filter, a filter I’m currently very grateful for. I’m not so lucky at work where […]

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Pre Pregnancy Baby Box 

Tucked away in the corner of our second bedroom is a box. A little rabbit on the side and hopes for the future hidden within. We’re not pregnant. We are however very hopeful. Every day after work I walk past a certain shop and unfortunately they have a lot of sales, and unfortunately I get extremely tempted. I’m not talking cribs or large furniture. I’m talking clearance onesies, blankets and a cute little stuffed lion. My husband really doesn’t mind. […]

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