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Disneyland Paris Haul

For our two year Wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you’ve ever been to any of the Disneyland parks you’ll know that there’s a store every 2 steps so you really can’t stop yourself having a browse. Before you even enter you have the World of Disney store, plus a Disney store just down the street. As soon as you step into the parks, you’ve got market type stalls, and the Emporium straight ahead. From then […]

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Disneyland Paris Diary

To celebrate our two year wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris! We had the most amazing time so I thought I’d do a little Disneyland Paris Diary. I hope you enjoy it! Day -One Disneyland Paris Diary Yes that is a minus in the heading and not just a typo. The day before we were meant to be leaving I checked the train times to find out our connecting Eurostar train was cancelled. Long story short after […]

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Royal Wedding Cupcakes Recipe!

royal wedding cupcakes 2018 harry and meghan MARKLE

  It’s time to get your best frock out, decorate your street with Union Jacks and get ready for a royal street party. This Saturday Harry and Meghan are getting married, but it’s a celebration for the whole country with many people organising street parties or family get-togethers. Even my work are have a Royal Wedding Cake sale with all proceeds going to charity. I’ve made these super easy Royal Wedding Cupcakes especially for the occasion!   To make these […]

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Must have Apps for Bloggers – 2018

I started my blog last June (It’s nearly been a year can you believe it?) and ever since I’ve been glued to my phone. Whether it’s during my lunch time or when I slump on my sofa after a long day at work I’m always switching between apps. This also means I’m constantly on the search for apps to help with my blog and website and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably spent way too long scrolling through the […]

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Favourite Disney Quotes

We’re heading off to Disneyland Paris next month so lately we (maybe more I) have been trying to get into the Disney Spirit. From watching my favourite Disney films and singing all of the songs at the top of my lungs, I’m going to spend the next few weeks cramming in as much Disney magic as humanly possible. Favourite Disney Quotes. No matter which Disney film you pick, you’ll always find some words of wisdom. Or maybe a small line […]

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Free Things To Do In Brighton

I’ve lived in Brighton my whole life and I’m going to admit that I don’t make the most of living here. I spend so much of my time sitting in my home, when there are so many fun things to do and many of them cost absolutely nothing! This year I wanted to get out a little more, so I’ve collected a little list of free things to do in Brighton!   Go on a photo walk Who doesn’t love […]

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No bake Maltesers treats recipe

After making my scrumptious Easter Shortbread ft. Smarties I couldn’t resist making another recipe featuring… you guessed it more chocolate. I have a real sweet-tooth at the moment but something makes me feel a little less guilty when the chocolate’s mixed into a recipe. So I decided to make some no bake Maltesers Treats! My husband saw me bring back the ingredients and asked each and every day (without fail) when I was going to be making them for my blog. […]

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My Favourite Disney Films!

favourite disney films - pop funko - repunzel moana

Walt Disney has been making films since 1937, with every single one of them bringing magic into our cinemas, homes and lives. We all grew up with the stories, although can you believe I only saw Lion King for the first time in February? I still have a long way to go before I’ve experienced all of the Disney magic but I’ve made a small list of my favourite Disney films (so far!)   Let me know if I’ve missed […]

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Primark Disney Haul!

Last week we decided to plan a sort-of last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. The week before I’d seen a collection of Disney bits in Primark that I told myself ‘I had no need for.’  Well guess what? Now I have a need for them! I had a little birthday money left over so I treated myself. Here’s my Primark Disney Haul!     Mickey Mouse backpack – £12 There was a sparkley Disney backpack floating around Instagram a few months back, […]

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Easter Shortbread Recipe Ft. Smarties Mini Eggs!

Easter Egg Shortbread Recipe - Easter Shortbread

I woke up this morning with absolutely no intention of doing anything but watching television and maybe some housework. Scrolling through twitter I saw everyone posting their scrumptious Easter Recipes and felt like I was missing out a little. I ran to the kitchen and stared at my empty cupboards. What did I have to work with? Half a bag of caster sugar, left-over flour and butter freshly bought for my hot cross buns. Oh… and those Smartie Easter Eggs […]

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