Letter to the Post Office from a small business

My name is Tori, I’m a new mum currently on maternity leave and working extremely hard on my business. I mainly sell greeting cards, that I honestly don’t make much profit on but still enjoy. It makes me smile and I excitedly rush to my emails each time an order comes in to see which one someone has chosen. I get up early in the morning, sometimes as early as 4am to prepare my orders and stick all my labels […]

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My first Brighton Etsy Meet Up!

brighton etsy meetup the square

A few months back I created my ETSY store to run alongside This was only after many months of me bugging Emi with way too many questions about whether Etsy was really worth it (Sorry!) One of the main selling points for me, was that Etsy offers sellers the opportunity to ‘meet people with common interests and collaborate.’ by joining teams. I quickly joined the Brighton Sellers Team, and watched each month as their meet-ups were scheduled when I […]

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – World Chocolate Day!

Tomorrow is World Chocolate Day! The perfect excuse to stuff your face, and make your favourite chocolate recipes. I made these super scrumptious triple chocolate chip cookies and I think it’s safe to say they went down very well. Seeing as we have absolutely none left. One day I’ll learn to hide a couple somewhere out of reach from my husband! To make these Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies you will need: 200g Softened Butter 300g Soft Brown Sugar 300g Self […]

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The Lion King – Lyceum Theatre & London Trip

“Do you want to go see The Lion King ?”    This message was sent to me, in the middle of the night back in October. My friend’s boyfriend was searching for Birthday presents for her and had decided on two tickets to The Lion King in theatre. If you’ve never been to a theatre the tickets are super expensive, so I used all the tricks in my book to try and get out of him paying but in the […]

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Our Christmas Day in Photos!

This is less of a blog post and more of a little photo album of our Christmas Day. It’s the first year we’ve spent it together as my husband usually travels to Kent with his family. This year he spent it stuffing his face with chocolate, watching Doctor Who and playing some super cool card games we got gifted. We woke up to find that Santa had eaten his cookies and had placed loads of presents under the tree! (Yes, […]

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Christmas Eve – BLOGMAS DAY 24

Christmas Eve is here. I’ve just arrived home after spending a beautiful 8 hour shift at work. 8 hours surrounded by the last minute christmas rush and those trying to find some bargains for the big day. The most festive I’ve been is my jingle bell jumper and my reindeer antlers. My festive clothing lets the other staff and customers know where I am at all times, by acting almost like a radar. Every step… JINGLE JINGLE. Now it’s time […]

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Types of people at Christmas

So it’s Christmas. The tree’s are up, the lights are hung and everyone is filled with Christmas cheer. Okay.. maybe not everyone. I work within a very large team and over the last week I’ve seen that everyone is dealing with Christmas in their own way. I’ve managed to split these people into little groups and without telling them I’ve decided that these are the different types of people at Christmas. We’ll start with.. The Grinch They celebrate Christmas, but […]

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Christmas Reindeer Cake Recipe

Christmas Reindeer Cake

I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas cake, but have never been a fan of fruit or blueberries which seems to be what most people fill their Christmas treats with.  You know I’m a sucker for animals, especially christmas animals, especially especially cute reindeer so I decided why not make a reindeer cake! To make this cute Reindeer Cake you need: 2 Sandwich Tins Baking Paper 6 Medium Eggs 425g Softened Butter 300g Caster Sugar 300g Self Raising Flour 2 Teaspoon […]

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Sleeping under the Christmas Tree & Smores recipe – Blogmas Day 6

In the summer everyone’s sleeping out under the stars. In the winter you see us sleeping under the Christmas Tree lights. Well you do now.     Nothing sounds better than snuggling up together with a blanket the night after decorating for Christmas. Christmas lights, movies and smores. What more could you want?   My husband did try to get out of it by saying he didn’t want to sleep on the floor, so guess what I did? I dragged our […]

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