BeFries, Brighton

be fries brighton

I travel through Brighton town centre on my way home from work, and every now and again I meet my husband to grab some food before heading home. A few weeks ago whilst giving each other that ‘food?’ look he explained that a lovely girl had come into his shop advertising their shop: BeFries. We’re always up for trying new places and seeing as it was just down the road we decided to give it a go. (Okay… maybe more […]

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Meet Rocky!

This is just a little post to introduce you to the newest member of our family! Meet little Rocky the hamster. You may have seen on my Instagram that we had to say goodbye to my guinea pig Reese last week. He was extremely poorly and although I will forever miss my little best friend it was the best decision to be made for him. After telling myself over and over again that I didn’t want another pet, the flat […]

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JustTheBeginning-x giveaway

Happy Blogiversary to my blog!   The winner for this giveaway has been announced at the end of this post 💕   In June 2017, I was sat on the bus daydreaming when the name JustTheBeginning-x popped into my head. I’d been interested in starting a blog for a little but without a name it never actually happened.   That night after work I came home and clicked the ‘sign up’ button on WordPress.   I continued posting the […]

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World Friend Day – EmiHobden Handmade Crochet

It’s World Friend Day! So obviously I thought I’d do a post about a friend. The friend I have picked is…. drum roll! Emi! Meet Emi. She is a talented crocheter that makes the most adorable little gifts. From blankets to crochet poke balls, whales to little potted crochet cacti. She has an Etsy shop that you should check out but she also has her Instagram where she often posts her goodies for sale or little updates on what she’s […]

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Christmas In July

There’s currently a heat wave in England and I’m sat inside in shorts designing Christmas cards. It’s definitely Christmas in July. No, I haven’t just hopped in a Tardis skipping the rest of the year, I’m getting my little shop ready for the festive season. Christmas fair applications are opening soon and I have my fingers tightly crossed. I love the idea of having my own stall, somewhere to show off all the hard work I’ve been cramming in. I’m […]

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Hotel Cheyenne Review – Disneyland Paris

hotel cheyenne review disneyland paris

We hadn’t even decided we were visiting Disneyland when I came across Hotel Cheyenne. It was perfect, we absolutely love Toy Story (You’ve got a friend in me was our first dance at our wedding) and they were advertising a really good deal if we visited between certain dates. The deal gave us 25% off and free half board. (The offer is currently still on for this summer, so it’s definitely worth checking it out!) Our plans changed a little as […]

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The Walking Dead: Our World – First Impressions

Let me take you back to July 2016. Everyone walking around attached to their phones attempting to Catch them All.  Remember? Seeing how many Pokemon you could catch on your lunch break and meeting complete strangers in the street who were battling it out to take control of Poke Gyms. I was one of those. July 2018 and I’m back on my phone. Although I’m not catching Pokemon this time. I’m fighting walkers in the street, trying to find survival crates […]

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Half Year Reflections

Can you believe it’s already over half way through 2018? It feels like just yesterday I was packing up our Christmas decorations from our first Christmas in our new home. To be honest, my husband’s presents are still sitting under his desk. Back in January I posted a blog Welcoming 2018 and focusing on my goals for the year.  Now we’re in July I’m going to look at those goals and see how well they’re going! Half Year Reflections. “Moving into 2018 I’m […]

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – World Chocolate Day!

Tomorrow is World Chocolate Day! The perfect excuse to stuff your face, and make your favourite chocolate recipes. I made these super scrumptious triple chocolate chip cookies and I think it’s safe to say they went down very well. Seeing as we have absolutely none left. One day I’ll learn to hide a couple somewhere out of reach from my husband! To make these Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies you will need: 200g Softened Butter 300g Soft Brown Sugar 300g Self […]

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Disneyland Paris Haul

For our two year Wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris. If you’ve ever been to any of the Disneyland parks you’ll know that there’s a store every 2 steps so you really can’t stop yourself having a browse. Before you even enter you have the World of Disney store, plus a Disney store just down the street. As soon as you step into the parks, you’ve got market type stalls, and the Emporium straight ahead. From then […]

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