My New Pun Cards!

If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks. I started my Maternity leave back in April and whilst being very patient (maybe not so much) I started working on some new greeting card designs.

Well before I knew it, I got carried away and had more than 50 brand new designs for my shop. I won’t post them all here but I’ve picked a few of my favourite pun cards from each occasion to show you! 

Funny Birthday Cards!

My Birthday pun cards are always the best sellers, so I started with these. They all have little hats on ready for the party and I’ll always have a soft spot for Guinea Pigs. The Guinea pig was originally based on mine, and over Christmas I had people constantly asking if I had any cards based around Guinea Pigs but all I had was my tote bag. I really couldn’t resist making a party piggie!

Feel Better Soon Cards!

Sometimes I feel like you need a funny get well card. Something to get a little giggle when someone’s not feeling 100%. This little banana dressed as a Doctor is bound to get a smile out of them!

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Funny Miss You Cards!

I drew the little jelly bean jar a while ago, but had the idea to turn it into a Miss You card. Each of the little Jelly beans has a funny expression and are the perfect way to let someone know you’ve been missing them!

Funny Wedding Cards

Funny New Home Cards!

When we moved in I painted our kitchen door and turned it into a blackboard. One of the first things we drew was a cute little cow and he’s stayed there ever since. I thought he’d be perfect to make into a New Home Card, especially as he’s already packed his stuff!

Funny Good Luck Cards!

Exam season is upon us and I thought it would be ideal to have a few Good Luck Cards, although they’re blank inside so they’d be perfect for a new job, driving exam or anything that someone needs a little luck for. Plus look how cute the UNICORGI looks!

Funny Baby Shower Cards!

I’ve been a little obsessed with Baby Shower cards. Stuck at home waiting for our little one, who really blames me? I turned a few of the designs into personalised prints, but I can’t stop printing them and I think my husband is a bit in-undated with them now. 

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Funny Graduation Card

You're My Favourite Human!

These aren’t specifically pun or funny cards but I’ve made a few ‘You’re my favourite Human’ cards that are perfect for any occasion. Birthday card from the pet? Father’s Day? or they’d be perfect for anyone who’s just adopted a new animal! I have them in different coloured cats and dogs and even a little hamster!

View all ‘You’re my Favourite Human’ Cards!


ALSO I currently have an offer on my cards!

  • If you pop 5 of my Greeting Cards in your cart use coupon code 5fOR10 to get them for £10! (Usually £12.50)


I hope you love my new designs as much as I loved drawing them! I’m so proud at how much my shop has grown over the last year, and I can’t wait to see what I achieve in the future. 

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