Best PS4 party games for under £20

Every few weeks we get together with our friends for a little gaming (and pizza) day. My husband’s a big gamer, but I however am not. Gaming for me goes as far as The Sims, Bejewelled and a good old game of Tetris (which I’m surprisingly very good at.) This little get together has become a regular occurrence so I’ve collected a few of the games we love to play. Although we may sit there spamming all of the buttons we still enjoy these games and they’re definitely worth playing. Here’s my list of the best PS4 party games for under £20!

OverCooked – PS4 £17.99 

(Also available on Xbox One & Nintendo Switch)

best games for non-gamers overcooked

Overcooked is a game for one to four players where you work as a team or pairs to prepare the food for customers who are very impatiently waiting.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though because your restaurant could be on a swaying pirate ship, a haunted house or even jumping between two vans in the middle of a road.

We make it work by having one person throwing all the ingredients across the floor to the person who chops them. Whilst the chips are catching on fire and the plates are falling off the conveyer belt into the bin. Yeah… I wouldn’t eat at our restaurant either.

Frantics – PS4 – £13.10

This is game for the PS4 but you use your smartphone as a controller. It’s full of fun mini games with anything from collecting donuts in a jousting arena to seeing who can parachute to the ground the fastest. Be aware of Fox though. He uses secret messages and missions to encourage players to sabotage the game.

That’s you – PS4 – £6.50

This is the last game I’m going to mention. Vote on who’s most likely to rob a bank and scribble all over your friends selfies to make them into a genie. We were all laughing throughout this game so it’s definitely top of my list. Get your selfies at the ready!

Have you played any of these games before?

What are your favourite games? We’re always on the look out for a few more!

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