Is a scam?

You always see those clothing ads that pop up on the sides of websites. You know the ones – nice clothing at super cheap prices. I always ignore them thinking they’re probably too good to be true. Well this time I took the dive and actually ordered something, but not before googling Is SHEIN a scam?

Is SHEIN a scam?

A few results popped up but I found it difficult to find any in depth posts about their experience with SHEIN. So I took the risk so you don’t have to.

Website & Ordering

Nice and easy. I quite like the website although its scrolls to the top everytime you hit back which is not so helpful. My favourite feature of the website is that it shows other people’s photos of the product. I tended to opt for customer photos compared to their own when choosing what to buy as studio photos can be very deceptive.


Relatively quick. It didn’t tell me it wasn’t coming from the UK though and only mentions customs when you rummage through their FAQs. Luckily I didn’t receive any customs charges but it did worry me a little.

The product

I’ll start by saving I love the dresses. They’re beautiful and the quality is great. The buttons are so cute, and the length is perfect. The size however, is not. I used their measurements on both dresses (which for some reason were not the same) and it suggested I was somewhere between L and XL so I purchased a large. They’re both quite baggy, and I definitely could have fitted into a Medium. It’s a shame because I love the dresses, but there’s no shape and the elasticated waist just hangs around the back. I’m considering seeing if I can draw them in at the side just to give me some sort of a waist whilst I’m wearing them.

They both come with tassles around the waist, but these unfortunately are just decorative.. One has already fallen off, so don’t become too attached to them.

They’re both beautiful though, and it’s far too much hassle sending them back (as you have to pay for returning them) so I’m keeping them. I’m tempted to put a little belt around them to make them fit better but at the moment I’m wearing them without.

is shein a scam?

I would order from SHEIN again, but I wouldn’t trust their size guide as far as I could throw it. If I were to order I’d give Medium a shot, but I think in some designs I’d probably fit a small. It’s also a shame that their returns policy is so bad, as it makes swapping the dresses a pain. Especially if it’s their size guide at fault.

Have you ordered from SHEIN before? How did you find it?


8 thoughts on “Is a scam?

  1. I’m pretty sure shein and romwe are kinda the same brand?? i ordered from romwe a while back ( and found it to be better than expected because i did think it was a scam too! I ordered some dinosaur pins from there and the packaging said shein and im pretty sure they sell really similiar stuff, but with romwe it says if you get charged customs they’ll refund you for it! Sizing is quite off though!

    1. I always see ROMWE adverts but I remember clicking on it a good few years ago and the website looked awful. It’s not good news for my bank account now though because I’m definitely going to have another look!

  2. I think awful sizing seems to be a common theme with a lot of these online brands, a lot of the time I see people complaining that things come up smaller than expected though. It’s great that the dress showed up looking exactly how it did online! I’ve always been a bit too nervous to try these sites x


    1. I’ve ordered something else in a medium this time with my fingers crossed it fits a little better! It’s a shame as otherwise the clothing is lovely!

  3. I keep seeing this brand advertised and never knew whether to give them a go for some fitness leggings. I might consider it now after reading this. You’re absolutely right about the dress; it’s so pretty but you could have definitely got a medium. Hopefully you’re able to take it in slightly 🙂 the colours look stunning against your hair colour! x x
    Ellis //

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely should give them a try. I’ve just ordered a shorter dress in a medium with my fingers crossed!

  4. Beautiful dress! Thanks for covering Shein. I have been curious about them since they carry many cute stuff. Good to know about the potential sizing issue.

    1. Their clothes are gorgeous, hopefully they’ll figure out the sizing issues as I’d definitely order a lot more if it was correct.

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