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You grow up thinking that getting pregnant is a given. Come off birth control and you’re life plan begins. I personally never though that I’d be inputing every single piece of information into an app to try and get the best information on when to get pregnant. I’m a sucker for information, so I searched for pregnancy/ fertility apps that would organise all of this for me. With irregular cycles I wanted one that could be a friend, keep me positive and also give me a hint on when I ovulate.

Even if you’re unsure if you could make use of an app its best to track your cycles, just in case you end up seeing a Doctor about TTC. Everything is written down for you, and you won’t be trying to piece together parts of your memory and scraps of paper.



This is my top choice and of course I start with the best. The homepage is clear and shows your fertility score, what cycle day you’re on and what that means for your fertile window. It also gives little insights whenever you input extra information.

I’ve recently found out that you also have the option of different colour themes and the app also links into your FITBIT.






I quite like GLOW, but I feel it’s just a little bit too busy. The BBT chart is clear, but I don’t like the design of the homepage. It feels like everything has been placed on top of each other. Also, when you input your data it tells you your % chance of pregnancy with the most being 27%. Yes okay, statistically great, but I don’t think it’s something I’d want to see day in day out.





Fertility Friend

Some people really love it, personally I think the interface looks out of date. Fertility friend shows your data clearly, but that’s about the only great thing I can find when using this app.






Before OVIA this was definitely my favourite fertility app. The homepage is well designed and the whole app is easy to use. You can create your own custom tracker with tick boxes that show up below your chart.

It also offers it’s own bluetooth fertility thermometer but at $129 I really don’t think it’s a necessity. I use this super cheap one I found on Amazon and I think it does the job.








Trying to conceive may be a difficult journey for some of us, but these pregnancy / fertility apps are here to help us. I still have all of them downloaded on my phone as each one offers something different but I only enter daily information into Ovia now.




Have you ever used these fertility apps? What did you think of them?

Are you planning to start your ttc journey soon? Do you think you’ll look into these apps?







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5 thoughts on “The Best Pregnancy / Fertility Apps

  1. Oh goodness this post is beyond resourceful!

    I agree; I always thought getting pregnant was TOO easy with the way you hear about people around you getting pregnant on accident and what not. When my boyfriend started trying it took us… from July to October. It was definitely a lot harder than I actually thought it would be!

    Then when we got pregnant, we lost the baby randomly on Christmas Eve at 10 weeks. So not only was GETTING pregnant hard but apparently STAYING pregnant can be difficult as well!

    My periods are so random that I’m not sure if any of these apps would be useful but it would be nice to have an idea of what’s going on since our body doesn’t tell us much to begin with lol!

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, that’s awful 💕
      It’s something that I wish people would talk about more. I’ve stopped using them for the moment, my doctors suggested a few months off until they’ve completed some tests they want done. Although it’s a pain hopefully we’ll be better informed when the results come back.

      1. I never understood why people don’t talk about it more! I was shocked to find out my sister in law and my cousin in law both had the same experience but they never talked about it! But even when it happened to me, my mom told me not to say anything to anyone and I thought it was strange! I’m such an open book and everyone knows I openly talk about my struggles no matter what they are.

        I was even more shocked to find out there’s a 1 in 4 chance. But yet no one talks about it??? I don’t understand!

        1. I know, it’s an automatic “you shouldn’t tell anyone” situation but there are so many people going through it. It’s always best to talk it out, you can’t keep stuff bottled up forever it will eat at you 💕

          1. THIS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT!

            I always tell my mom this; especially since I’m a very expressive person through writing. It’s ALWAYS been my therapy and she knows this yet when she tells me to take something down or not talk about something it’s like the most disrespectful thing she could say. I understand in our culture “your children reflect you” but also that we’re in America now and she can’t put those expectations on me. Especially when it’s something as hurtful as losing my child, you know?

            I kinda created this blog, away from any other blog she knows about to be able to talk more freely about things… so we’ll see how that goes lol

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