My Favourite Disney Films!

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Walt Disney has been making films since 1937, with every single one of them bringing magic into our cinemas, homes and lives. We all grew up with the stories, although can you believe I only saw Lion King for the first time in February? I still have a long way to go before I’ve experienced all of the Disney magic but I’ve made a small list of my favourite Disney films (so far!)


Let me know if I’ve missed yours out!

Favourite Disney Films



Toy Story

Our first dance at our wedding was to ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ so Toy Story would have to sit pretty high up in my list. It’s based around a friendly cowboy named Woody, who fights to remain the favourite toy when Andy is bought a Buzz Lightyear on his birthday.

There are three movies (I can’t wait until the 4th can you?) but the first will always be the best.  I still like to think that when I’m at work all of my toys come alive and cause chaos around our flat. That’s the magic of Disney isn’t it?



The popular story of Repunzel trapped in a tower. It’s not a rescue mission as such, but she ends up in the arms of the smouldering Flynn Rider. Together they sing their way all the way back to the castle… sort of. Don’t forget the baddies along the way and the usual scary near death experience though (all accompanied by you guessed it! Singing!)

My favourite song is probably either “When Will My Life Begin?” or “I see the Light” although “I’ve got a dream” is slowly trying to squish it’s way in there.



Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc is based around a scream factory where Sully (aka Kitty) is one of their top scorers. He has a small green assistant who follows him round. The monsters collect the screams of human children to power the city but what happens when a little girl escapes into the monster world?

Direct quote from Mike Wosowski “I can’t believe it. I was in a blog post!”

( Do you get it? If not I just look a little weird…)


Everyone’s had “You’re Welcome” stuck in their head since the film was released. But just in case you haven’t seen it yet, Moana is an adventurous teenager who sets out on a daring adventure to save her family and friends. She meets Maui, a demigod who guides her as they sail across the ocean and undo the mistakes that were made.

If you watch closely squirt from Finding Nemo makes a little appearance too!



Hands down my favourite Disney Movie. Young Carl and Ellie grow up planning their lives around adventure and the hope to travel to legendary Paradise Falls. After Ellie’s death, Carl is left to fulfil their dreams on his own by tying thousands of balloons to their house.

It’s an absolutely beautiful movie and the soundtrack is incredible. You’re really missing out if you haven’t seen it yet.



What are your favourite Disney films? Do you share any of mine? 💕







35 thoughts on “My Favourite Disney Films!

    1. It’s a little strange, but I feel a lot better. I didn’t want to stay hidden forever and it just finally felt right 💕

      1. Up is my all time favourite, closely followed by Hercules but I love Monsters Inc too! There’s just too many good ones. I’m impressed you managed to get your list down to these few! ☺️

        1. It’s so difficult isn’t it! Every time I start thinking about Disney movies I want to add another to the list!

    1. I still haven’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast! I keep putting it on my list but forgetting. I love Alice in Wonderland too!

      1. You have to see it. It’s very similar to the original. I wasn’t to crazy about Emma taking the role but she grew on me. Alice remakes I didn’t enjoy. I just wish they stayed true to it being about Alice.

    1. Definitely! I have so many pop vinyls, I’m a little obsessed! Do you have any?

  1. So hard to pick a favourite or even limit it to 5! I love Monsters Inc, in fact we quote it so much in our house! White sock on the floor? 23 19 we have a 23 19 😂 or someone says to put something back and I break into full song and dance of put that thing back where it came from!
    Have to admit I have never seen Up but do love Moana, such a strong female character 👍🏻
    Great post thanks for sharing!

    Melanie |

  2. Tangled! I was already smitten right from the beginning… but when they threw in that lantern scene, it went from a serious crush to some mad love!❤️
    Oh and I love coco! The disney movie done with pixar collabs💖 the songs are amazing!

      1. Oh no you need to see it! I’m sure you’ll love it. I love both Disney and Pixar and as the two collab.. it was pure love for me haha!

  3. Great choice!!! I loved toy story and loved all the classic Disney Princess movies. My latest obsession is COCO!!! this movie was produced by Pixar and released by Disney, similar to how toy story came about. I would greatly recommend it and will be waiting for your review about the movie. I grew up watching the old classic Disney movies up until the latest ones and COCO pushed the bar higher than ever.

  4. Love how Disney films have been going strong for so many years! The movie that stood out to me the most was Moana. I really liked the storyline and thought Dwayne Johnson was a perfect fit to play Maui! Thanks for sharing your faves :).

  5. YES- Tangled is definitely one of my favourites, and I have some fond memories of Toy Story 🙂 I also like Aladdin, the songs are always so catchy! 🙂 Great post

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