Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Five years ago I was 21 and living at home with my mum and sister. I was half way through a University course that I really didn’t enjoy with no idea what the next 5 years had in store for me. In those five years I got engaged, married and we bought our own home. I don’t think you realise how long ago five years really was. Remember the Harlom Shake?… Yep 2013.

So in 5 years time it will be 2023. It almost sounds like I should be saying I hope to own a teleporter, a flying car and some sort of time travel Vortex Manipulator (anyone watch Doctor Who?) It sounds a little terrifying but the worst bit? I’ll be 31. Which is more than a little bit terrifying.


By 2023 we’d have been together 14 years. We will most likely still annoy each other just as much as we do now. He’ll probably remind me of my age every day, and will most likely still be stuck to his gaming computer (can anyone relate?) I can hope that he tidies a little bit more but other than that I won’t be too greedy.




We bought this flat last March, so hopefully we’ll still be here. It’s a lovely flat and just the right size for us. Maybe by then the bathroom will be finished, but I won’t get my hopes up. (I hope I’m kidding) I also really hope the flat isn’t an off-white anymore. Surely in 5 years I’ll find time to repaint it and replace the doors. They’re on my list for this year, but we’ll see.


All I hope is that I’m not in retail anymore, although I’d settle for part-time retail if I had to. At the moment I pour 38-50 hours of my life into being a team leader and it’s really not worth the stress it gives me. I’m not sure what I really want to do though. I’ve tried the route my degree should have taken me without any luck. I’m sort of at one of those points in life where I have no idea, so hopefully in 5 years time I have an inkling of an idea and maybe it’s in play.


The only real holiday we want is DisneyWorld. We’ve done Disneyland California, and this year we’re visiting Paris, but we really want to visit Florida at some point. They have a Toy Story and a Star Wars land (which is more important to my husband than me) opening this year, but it’s super expensive so we’re sort of saving it for when we have a family which leads into…


If you’ve been reading my blog for a little bit you know we really want a child. I’m still going through some fertility-related tests but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our plans will get back on track. Until then, think of all the money we’re able to save (for Disney World)!



I’m not hoping on too much and I’m not hoping for a lottery win. I remind myself daily that life gives you what you need at exactly the right time but sometimes it’s tough trying to be patient. I want a happy life, with a little more hope and that’s where I will happily settle.


I’m tagging a few blogs to answer where they see themselves in 5 years (you can use your own little headings) but if I haven’t tagged you there’s no excuse! Link me to your post and I’d love to have a read! Otherwise let me know in the comments.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?









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  1. Good luck with your future endeavours, especially your baby dream. You have to visit Disney Florida, it was my first Disney Parks and still our favourite. I’m just hoping a good nights sleep is in my future lol

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