April Fool’s Day Ideas!

It’s the morning of April Fool’s day. You wake up and run to your computer ready to find the best April Fool’s jokes for this year. Okay.. maybe not, but I know that I love searching for the most creative and funny ideas.

In the past we’ve had Pac-Man Google maps and  being able to order the whole of Youtube via DVD, and although some companies do miss the boat a little, I can’t wait to see what they come up with this year.

At home it’s a different game, and as long as you don’t harm anyone’s property or hurt anyone’s feelings there are so many options. You’ve got the originals such as whoopie cushions on the chair and the snakes in a can,cling film on the toilet seat and swapping in whipped cream for shaving foam but we can definitely get a bit more imaginable this year.


I’ve tried and tested the one’s below on my husband and although I sort of feel sorry for him, he’ll probably get his own back at some point.


Morning balloon shower!

This is really a nice one, and could also work as a Birthday surprise! You shut the door then tape cling film to the door with a little give. Blow up balloons and pop them in between the cling film and door so when they open the door they get covered in balloons!


Don’t lift it unless you’re willing to kill it.

This is an easy one. If you’ve let it until the last minute this is the perfect prank for you. Just grab a cup and a post it note. Definitely helps if they’re scared of creepy crawlies!

Googly eyes

This is one of the oldies but goodies. It helps if you have a lot of photographs in your house, just pop little googly eyes on all of the photographs. Honestly, I wasn’t sure my husband would notice and guess what? he didn’t.


Bug infestation!

Okay maybe not, but this is another easy one. Cut out a bug shape from a dark piece of card or paper and tape it to your light shade. The bigger the better!


Chocolate Swap!

This could have been a lot worse if my husband wasn’t a lover of all chocolate. I bought Lindt because it’s his absolute favourite, and the kinder eggs simply because they’re gloopy inside and definitely (or so I thought) different and carefully, swapped the wrappers.

My husband took the first egg and just ate it. No flinch, no funny face, nothing. Only when I began laughing did he think I’d fed him mouldy chocolate. He still rated it a 6/10 but I think he was just being kind.



I loved playing these little pranks even though some completely failed. I never wanted to be that awful to him, and we got a good laugh out of them which is the whole point in April Fool’s Day.





I hope you like my little April Fool’s Day Ideas!


What are you planning to do this year?



2 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Ideas!

  1. You are a devious one, my friend! love these ideas, especially the “don’t lift unless you are willing to kill it”. In Tucson that could be very effective now that the scorpions and tarantulas are out and about again!

    1. That one was so funny. After I admitted to my husband that I’d pulled a few tricks, a few hours later he still believed there was something under the tin! Uhh I don’t think I’d like scorpions or tarantulas! We had a rather large spider a few months back, but nothing close to that!


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