26 Things To Do Before 27

Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday and although I still don’t feel very 26, I do feel that the years are getting shorter and shorter (I think it’s a secret catch of getting older that no one tells you.) So before I reach the grand age of 27 I’ve got a few things I want to achieve, and as usual there are a few fun and a few serious. Here’s my list of 26 things to do before 27.



1. I’d love to attend a blogging event or meet up. I missed one a few months back because I was working but there must be one in the next year I’ll be able to go to. If you know of any please let me know!

2. I want to learn a new skill. The problem is, I’m not sure what yet.

3. I’ve lived in Brighton my whole life but only been to the beach a handful of times. This year I’ll find a day. Fish and chips on the beach and donuts on the pier.



4. Stretch more. I’m in a pretty active job but for the last few years I’ve had some serious issues with my legs and muscles. I’m currently on the waiting list for physio again, but in the mean time I think I’ll take Dr. Google’s advice and stretch more.

5. I used to do photography professionally, but fell out of love with it when I realised that everyone expects it all for free. That doesn’t stop me enjoying it as a hobby though. Blogging has made me pick up the camera again, but I’m hoping to fall back in love and to take more photographs. 

6. Since we bought our home we’ve done a great job saving money every month. We just need to continue.

7. I’m still holding onto a bit of my christmas weight so I want to get back into exercising regularly. 

8. Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. Stop worrying, stop Facebook stalking. It doesn’t make me feel any better, and my time could definitely be better used elsewhere.

9. I need to get out of Brighton.  I’m not talking permanently, just for a little weekend away. I think I’m heading to Bristol in the summer, but they’re still plans in the making.

10. Leave retail and start my dream job. Okay… maybe not. But I want to start the process of getting a job that doesn’t make me hate getting up in the morning.

11. Make a bowling date with friends. That’s a nice easy one.



12. Although I’m fully aware it will never be finished, there’s a few little jobs around the flat I need to complete. Major one? Decide whether I’m going to paint the doors or just replace them. The last owners did a really awful patch up job, so you put anything against them and the paint peels.

13. I’ve aways loved playing guitar and ukulele, so I want to find more time to focus on my love for music. 

14. We’re coming up to the first year in our home. In that time we’ve made a few traditions that we want to continue. Some silly, but some that we’ll probably remember for a long time.

15. One that I think is probably very popular is take care of my skin. It’s so easy when you come home to not spend time removing make-up, moisturising etc etc. Unfortunately I’m getting to that age where it’s showing. Time to buy that anti-wrinkle cream.

16. I’m accepting no excuses. I’m going to blog at least once a week. I’d love to post twice, but life gets busy sometimes and I’m not going to be too hard on myself.


17. As I’ve grown older I’ve lost quite a few friends. As soon as I became the age to drink (and made the decision not to) my friends tended to drop like flies. Unfortunately this had led to me only having a couple of friends. This year I want to make more friends, and more importantly keep them. 

18. Simple one: tidy as I go. 

19. I want to learn to cook healthy and delicious meals. I’m getting a little sick of the frozen chips and pizza. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made a start. We have roast dinner, and cook our own fajitas and tacos but we’re a long way from where I want to be.

20. This is a big one for me. I’ve got to stop letting our fertility journey define my happiness. It definitely sucks, we’re coming up to our 1 year of trying and honestly, I see ourselves as no where near , due to a few medical problems. However I’ve got to remember that there’s so much more to life. It will happen when it happens, until then I need to refocus my happiness, and this blog’s definitely helping.

21. I want to do something that scares me. Another one that I haven’t decided on yet.




22. I recently opened my RedBubble shop, and although I wasn’t sure if people would like my work I’ve made 9 sales in just over a month. I’m not going to put my goals too high but I’m hoping to make 100 sales. I think it’s doable.

23. Related to my RedBubble shop I really want to have a stall at a craft fair. I’m currently looking at sharing one with my friend at Christmas, which would be amazing.

24. I need a few easy ones. I want to start a new television series and fall in love. I’ve been watching Friends on repeat but there must be something else out there for me.

25. Stop worrying what people think of me. I’m definitely getting there, and I will get there.


26. And last but not least, Trust myself and follow my instincts. I’m usually right.


My ’26 things to do before 27′ is a little lengthy, but a year is a long time.

If you can help or have any ideas for my list let me know in the comments!
Have you got any goals to achieve before your birthday? What are they?


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7 thoughts on “26 Things To Do Before 27

  1. Oh sweetie! You are only 26! You have plenty of time to do all this and much, much more! Take it from me, who just turned 51! Some of the items on your list may take more than just the next 12 months to fully realize, and that is ok! Just know that some of us already like you the way you are today 🙂

    1. You’re so kind! I just don’t want to feel like I’m wasting away my years, they’re going so fast lately. I bet you’ve achieved some incredible things! (If you don’t mind me asking, what’s top of your list?)


      1. Of course my two adult children are at the top of my list! I am also proud of earning my PhD while having those two kids! I taught for 25+ years in the college system and then went to culinary school in my 40s and now rock climb, run half marathons and have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places!
        But it took a lot of time, I am much older than you-you have plenty of time to do all the great things you want to, and many more 💕

        1. That’s / You’re incredible! It’s amazing how much stuff you’ve done and continue to do. It makes me want to say yes to a few more things!


  2. Great list, I hope you get to forfill most of them. My advice is travel, go to festivals and events, eat delicious food and sleep as much as you can. Only because those are the things I miss doing when I was your age. I still try to pursue these things but it’s not as freeing when you’ve got a kid.

  3. I love this idea, it’s always nice to have a few goals for the year. Mine is always get out of the house every day in summer and do something fun.
    I hope you complete your list!

    Katie | katieameliaxo.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It becomes so easy to just sit inside doesn’t it. Hopefully we get a good summer this year which will tempt us all outside a little more!

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