Valentines Day Gift Guide!

Valentines Day.

It’s that time of year! Love is in the air, chocolate prices are rising and every day from now until the 14th February you’ll hear

“I don’t do valentines day gift giving, I treat my boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband every single day. I don’t need a corporate holiday to remind me.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I treat my husband all year round too but I love buying gifts and I think it’s great that for one day the focus is on love. In America, they gift to class mates at school, and although I’ve never experienced that here I think it’s a wonderful idea. You don’t have to soley focus your love on your partner but maybe gift your friends something!


Lucky for me, I’ve started creating my own designs so I may get away with printing out one of my own cards this year! For valentines I’ve created a few little Valentines pun designs alongside some fruits and objects with faces. (What more could you want?)

(If you’re not in the UK please use this link to access the store.)

Redbubble also have the cutest little stickers so my designs are also over there!


Lego 850705 Salt and Pepper Set – £11.61


If you know me, you may know that I have a slight lego obsession. I have a mountain of lego kits ready to be built. Lego Wall-E and BB8 are also currently taking pride of place in our living room.

These aren’t exactly ‘Valentines-y’ but you could definitely get away with buying these and popping them on your table whilst you’re eating your romantic meal for two!




Sass and Belle Pineapple Bath Mat – £10.47


Another ‘not exactly Valentines Gift’ but look how cute it is! If my mum hadn’t only just replaced all our bath mats for Christmas this would definitely be on my bathroom floor!

Sass and and Belle always come up with the cutest little gifts!



Giant Teddy Bear – £27.95


This is probably the closest you’ll get to a ‘proper’ valentines gift in my gift guide.

I’m currently propped up against my own giant teddy bear that lives in our flat, and I’d definitely recommend getting one.

This may be one to hint to your partner or you could just buy it as a gift and sneakily borrow it.




Cable and Cotton – LED Cotton Ball Lights

You’ve seen these before in a few of my blogs, but I love them so much. Cable and Cotton lights are so cute and you can mix and match the colours to suit any room or colour! If you’re in Brighton I’d really recommend popping into their store in the lanes as it’s set out similar to a pick and mix shop. Otherwise their website displays all of your options!


I hope you liked my (possibly unusual) gift guide. I’d much rather buy something that he’d get use from compared to buying more chocolate to add to the mountain of leftover Christmas sweets.

What are you planning to get your other half for Valentines Day?






*Nothing on this post is sponsored but some links are affiliate links. This means if you purchase anything I may get a little money. Affiliate links are a great way to support your favourite blogs. Message me if you have any questions! *



8 thoughts on “Valentines Day Gift Guide!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie! I know, I’m such a sucker for salt and pepper shakers. I’ve probably got 5 or 6 sets lying around the kitchen, no joke!


    1. Hey Sophie they are aren’t they! I’ve got way too many lego kits, but not a salt and pepper set… yet!


    1. Mine’s moved slightly onto the back of our sofa so I have a little more room. He was getting a bit squished!

  1. My finacee and I don’t normally celebrate but it’s normally breakfast in bed & a card for us. He would LOVE the Lego salt and pepper pots though!

    Katie |

    1. It’s the decision between do I like it or do I need it, isn’t it?
      I’m not sure if I should remind my husband that my gift still hasn’t ‘arrived’ haha! He bought a few little things to pass the time, but the post must be super slow. I might let him off this year… maybe.


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