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January is tough. BLOGMAS is over, the New Year has begun and sometimes you just feel a little lost.  Work becomes stressful, and you’re trying to cram all these New Year’s resolutions into the first month to prove you’ll have the best year ever. For some reason though, this year I’m okay. I have bad days, but so does everyone. I came home from work last night turned on my music, grabbed my hula hoop and sang at the top of my lungs. Which yes, okay means I have no voice at the moment but I enjoyed it.  I haven’t been in this position in a long, long time.

My days usually consist of me coming home, sitting on the sofa and falling asleep without any real accomplishment or enjoyment to fill my evening with. Therefore, this time I’m making the most of being in a good head space and I’ve collected a few of the things I think are truly making a difference and keeping me motivated this month.

If you need a break? Take a break.

Step back, recharge and start a fresh. There’s no harm in taking a few days, a week or a month off. If that’s what your mind is telling you, listen to it. Use that time to find a new book to read, a new television show to watch or just go for some long walks. Fresh air is good for you, and you never know what inspiration you might find outside. It might be the one thing you need to get you back on track.

You are more important than your content

Don’t feel like you have to write about the same genre. It seems like all of these ‘Blogging tips’ explain that you need a niche to make it big, but personally I follow a blog for the blogger. It’s your blog and you are completely in control of it. If your friend had a new interest you wouldn’t abandon them and never see them again would you?

Start networking

I’m definitely working on this one lately. All those blogs you read? Comment on them. Make it your goal to comment something nice on every post you stumble across. You’ve already read the post and a comment would only take an extra 30 seconds. Remember how nice it feels to come home to a new comment on your blog.  All you’ve got to do is give 30 seconds to spread that happiness to others. It’s definitely worth it. You might find a brand new friend and friendship definitely makes this whole blogging experience a lot more enjoyable.

Make a plan

Buy yourself a diary, but don’t be afraid to change plans if you need to. Last year I started a bullet journal but after spending so long on the layout I felt awful trying to change plans. This year I bought a clearance diary and some brand new coloured pens to feed my stationary obsession. I’ve already crossed out and re-planned 5 things this month. It looks an absolute mess with colour splattered across each page, but I’m the only one that’s going to ever see it so it really doesn’t matter.



Go back to your roots.

Why did you start your blog? Was it simply an online journal for you, or were you trying to inform people about a topic? Get a blank piece of paper and just start writing. Words. Quotes. Inspirational people that you look up to. Draw a few pictures and make this paper your new starting block. Create a post on what you’ve jotted down. You’ll probably find that every single thing you’ve placed on that page could be a blog post in itself. Now where’s your excuse?



Even though I’m in quite a good place at the moment, I’m still using these tips to keep me motivated and I always will do.

For me, I’m working on the networking side of blogging. I want to show more love to everyone’s incredible posts.

Post below your favourite blog post you’ve ever written and if you have the time, have a look at what other people have posted in the comments!






21 thoughts on “Blogging – How I stay motivated

  1. These are such good tips! I often struggle from being able to switch off, as soon as my laptop goes off I’m back on my phone checking social media, checking blog stats etc. I wish I could take a break sometimes so I’ll definitely be keeping these in mind!

    Jess xx

    1. It’s so difficult isn’t it, it just becomes a habit! I’ve tried to stop checking Facebook as much as I really get absolutely nothing from it. I used the messenger but the rest of the time I’m just endlessly scrolling.


  2. I absolutely love your tips on staying motivated through blogging. It’s really hard to keep motivated but I also take breaks when I’m not feeling my best! and planning ahead is also a great tool 🙂

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    1. Thank you Serene! (What a beautiful name.) Breaks are so important, but it’s definitely difficult when everything says you must post every 2/3 days. You just have to go with whatever suits you!

      Tori |

  3. This is such a great post and I love your tips! I completely agree with taking a break if you need to! I went down with the flu at the start of the year and I had to completely take a break to recharge.
    I’m really trying to make more of an effort with commenting on blogs, I always read peoples posts but then forget to comment! xx

    1. I hope you’re feeling better now Charlotte! That flu is definitely going around my work, I’m trying to stay clear of it.
      Same, I need to keep reminding myself that if I really enjoyed a post I need to let the blogger know!

      Tori |
      Latest blog post: Blogging – How I stay motivated

  4. the new year is honestly such an overwhelming time. I’m glad that everything is finally starting to settle down a little bit. I love the part when you were singing and hoola hooping. I think we could all do with some happiness and fun like that! I will have to pull my hoola hoop out soon x Brynn

    1. You should definitely start hooping again! It’s so much fun and now that I had room in my flat I don’t have to wait until the summer!

  5. Great tips thanks for sharing.
    I also have a diary that has had numerous changes made to plans but that’s what it’s all about! I love being able to write a plan and keep myself on track as well as my seperate book of lists!

    Melanie |

  6. I totally agree with taking a break! When I feel too stressed with everything I will always take a break and recharge x

  7. Number 1 about taking a break is absolutely right! People always seem to forget that having a break isn’t just ‘giving up’ x

    1. Hey Morgan, thank you so much for reading my blog! It’s definitely not giving up. It’s a part of life to recognise when you need to step back and have a break!


  8. I agree with this so much, such amazing tips! I feel like it can be so easy to get caught up in the stress that can sometimes come with blogging so taking a break every now and then can make you feel so much more refreshed afterwards.
    -Olivia Xx

    1. Thank you so much Olivia. It’s definitely important. Blogging is so much fun and I’d hate to lose that!


  9. These are great advice. Blogging can be frustrating at times and you get lost in so many things. So it is important to take break, think, relax so that you can stay motivated and get back into it! xx corinne

    1. Exactly! When you’re trying to keep all social medias updated all at once, you can easily become swamped! This is my biggest challenge at the moment, I don’t want to neglect any of my accounts but I struggle to find a good mix.


  10. It’s so easy to get unmotivated for blogging especially when you see your growth is stagnant and not getting results according to your efforts.

    I love your advice on taking a break. It’s really important to remember that we are more important than our blog. Taking care of yourself should always be put first.

    x Rasya |

  11. I’ve seen loads of ‘tips’ that say you should stick to a niche and agree with you. You don’t need a niche for a blog, at all. There is so much one can blog about, why would you want to stick to one area…

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