How to save money in January & 50p Pizza!

How to save money in January

I’m going to completely admit that December hurt my bank balance a little bit. In between the christmas chocolates and the overflowing gift bags I may have spent a little more than I had planned for. I’m sure I’m not the only one though, and now that January is here it’s time to cut back a bit and save a few of those pennies wherever you can. I’ve collected a few of the money saving tips I’m using at the moment, and maybe we can hope that a couple of them will stick all year round?

Repair your clothes

Buy a little sewing kit and learn to fix those hole-y jeans you’ve been meaning to replace. That jumper where the sleeve has started freying? Stitch it back up, good as new. Obviously if they’re beyond repair and destined for the bin, get rid of them, but for little jobs it’s definitely worth learning how to fix them!

New Furniture

Everyone knows Gumtree, but how often do you use it for furniture? Stores are always trying to tempt you during January to splash out and redesign your home but gumtree have some great goodies if you look hard enough! I’ve actually purchased quite a bit of furniture from gumtree including my bed, headboard and wardrobe. Good as new and so much cheaper. If not always remember you can just use a little bit of paint to give some old furniture a brand-new look!

Ditch the gym

You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership to get healthy this year! Youtube is one option. I absolutely love Yoga with Adriene at the moment and it’s completely free! And personally? I’d much rather sweat it out in my own home. The other thing I’m really enjoying is my weighted hoola hoop. I lost over a stone for my wedding and once you’re used to it you can do all sorts whilst hooping! Read a book, scroll through instagram or watch your favourite television show!


how to save money - 50p pizza

Have a night in!

Who needs an expensive date night? Pick a film and snuggle down with your other half. Don’t even think of ordering a pizza when you can make a super cheap one yourself!

I love these little pizza’s and they cost less than 50p!

I used Asda’s Wholemeal Pitta Bread for the base which are currently 49p for 6! I’ve popped on a little bit of cheese, tomato and pepper and put it in the oven for around 7 minutes. (If you prefer it crispier you can leave it in there for a bit longer, but keep an eye on it!)


Super easy, but so cheap. I think you often forget how cheap some meals are when you start ordering pizza’s and other delicious takeaways.

I hope you like my little tips on how to save money this January! Do you have any tips of your own?







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