My Favourite Christmas Decorations – Blogmas Day 22

As you’ve seen in my Decorating for Christmas blog my home is filled with lights, reindeer and Christmas magic. We have so many decorations I’ve had to put two full boxes away in storage because I simply just can’t find room for them. On the other hand I have some decorations that I absolutely love and have backstories so I’m going to pick out my favourite christmas decorations and give a little story time whilst you get to know me a little better.


It’s not really a Christmas decoration but seeing as Carl went through the effort to put up his Christmas lights I’m including my UP house. We originally made it for our wedding as it acted as a postbox for all our beautiful cards and when we moved I knew we had to find room for it.

He might even have a visitor if you look through the window!


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I’m really in love with our Just Married Disney bauble. As I mentioned on Blogmas Day 11  this bauble was purchased on our Honeymoon. We were very fortunate to go to Disneyland California to celebrate and I knew I wanted something cute to bring back as a momento. I saw this and knew I had to do my best to get it back to the UK in one piece. The first time we went to Anaheim I bought a glass bauble home and my mum was amazed that it survived the journey. Honestly? I hadn’t even thought about it. It was just wrapped up and thrown in the suitcase. I was a little more conscious this time though, and put it in my hand luggage.


Favourite christmas decorations - Disney Just Married Bauble


It may sound silly okay, but I absolutely love our stockings. If I tell you I’m not a major fan of StarWars my husband’s question of ‘Which one’s mine?’ may sound silly.. it’s okay it is. Especially as he actually chose his last year! (Memory like a sieve.) I’ve never had a stocking. When I was younger I remember getting a bag of little goodies at the end of my bed, basically to keep me quiet until the rest of the family woke up. Otherwise it’s just the main presents. We don’t have a fireplace so they’re hanging from our television unit.

(The little one is for my furbaby)



When I was younger I’d always remember my nan’s house looking like Santa’s grotto. Lights, lights and more lights. I’m sure you can now guess where I get my inspiration from? I’m very tempted to have them up all year round…


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Last but not least, you watch all these Christmas movies where the trains go round the tree on Christmas Eve. I’ve always wanted my own Christmas Train and this year my husband purchased (maybe forced… maybe not) a Christmas train for our anniversary. Unfortunately the track is way to big to actually go round our tree, and even too large to go on our windowsill. So for the moment it’s just a decoration, but what a beautiful decoration it is.


I hope liked my little post about my favourite Christmas Decorations! Do you have any you love a little more than the rest? What are they?







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