Day in the life – BLOGMAS DAY 20

I’m not going to lie and say this is an everyday ‘day in the life’ because it really isn’t. Firstly it’s a Christmas Day In The Life. Completely different! Days filled with Christmas movies, gift shopping and treats. Secondly my normal day is wake, work, eat and sleep, but who wants to see that? This my Christmas Day in the life…. on my day off.

5am – What’s a lay in?

Unfortunately my body still craves 5am wake-ups on my days off as it thinks I really want to go to work. I’ll wake but I’m definitely not going to work. A cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits sit aside whilst I scroll through Netflix with an out-of-battery playstation controller. It refuses to charge and it’s awful. You turn it on you can scroll 3 shows and playstation bleeps ‘disconnected controller.’ I settle with Love Actually although I’d probably end up watching it even if I had a decent controller.

Love Actually - Christmas Day in the life

6:15am – Morning cuddles

I get bored after breakfast and sneak into the bedroom for a quick cuddle. My husband won’t get up until 10am but he’s definitely used to this. It’s even better this morning as he’s partly asleep and talks absolutely gobbledy gook and we end up in giggles. Next up for cuddles is my fur baby! He’s so adorable and I could honestly stare at his face all day. He definitely needs a hair cut as his little emo fringe is slowly covering his eyes but he doesn’t mind.

10am – Christmas Guinea Pigs

Christmas Fair! I love a little Christmas fair and I do mean little. Next town-ish over and it’s in a small community hall. It’s in aid of a small fur baby charity. I bought 5 raffle tickets but really it’s an excuse to give money to them as they do such amazing work for abandoned Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

1pm – Secret Stocking Fillers

I have a few gifts still to get (although that may just be an excuse to look at all the Christmas decorations I have yet to buy!) I’ve picked up a few stocking fillers, but I don’t want to say too much as my husband often peers at this blog. I might do a ‘What I bought my husband for Christmas’ blog after he’s unwrapped everything though?

5pm – Roast Dinner!

My husband (luckily) loves cooking, and his favourite? Roast Dinners! He makes his own potatoes that he’s extremely proud of but he always tells me off for leaving my peas. Shhh! Who likes peas anyway?


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Time to sit and chill under our beautiful Christmas lights. Add some more to my blogmas drafts, and catch up on everyone else’s amazing blogmas posts. I’m not going to enjoy the day I have to take all these lights down, they’re so beautiful. Until then, I’ll just have to make the most of them!



I’ve never done a day in the life, and although it looks a little bare this is my day off! Time to rest… a little. Although most likely not this close to Christmas. This month has flown by, but I honestly can’t wait until the big day when I get to hand out all the gifts I’ve purchased.


Have you bought all your presents or are you still rushing around?








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