Christmas – ‘When are you having children?’ – BLOGMAS DAY 18

Christmas is based around spending time with your family. Toy adverts are filling your screens and family are asking

‘When are you having children?’


It’s tough. Luckily for me, my family seems to be asking my mum who knows about our journey. She writes them off quickly with a ‘ohh not yet. They’re enjoying being on their own at the moment.’ It’s like a filter, a filter I’m currently very grateful for. I’m not so lucky at work where I’ve been told you should make a baby over Christmas, it’s not hard.’ We’ve only been trying for 9 months and I know our journey has barely begun.


There are couples that have been trying for years and I will never be able to express how amazing they are or understand their strength.


Christmas day announcements are a whole other bundle of joy. Last year if I can remember correctly three couples announced their pregnancy. Out of those three… all three had been together for under a year and only one couple are currently still together. I’m honestly considering just subtly deleting my Facebook leading up to Christmas so I can stay in my own little bubble, but I’m unsure if I’d rather see them all at once in January or spread across the holiday. I’m happy for them, don’t get me wrong. Their children are now adorable but I am allowed to be a little bit jealous.



The main thing that’s keeping me going is this blog. Without it I’m going to truly admit I’d probably be sitting wallowing in self pity. I’m not saying you’d never find me in this situation. I took a few days off blogmas last week for this reason but for the majority of time I get to focus my energy on this little website. The other thing is the community I’ve met on Instagram. Everyone is so strong, and there is so much love.


If you’re on your own trying-to-conceive journey, how do you cope over the Christmas period? Do you have any tips or tricks to keeping positive?

It can be difficult but this amazing community does make it a lot easier.





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7 thoughts on “Christmas – ‘When are you having children?’ – BLOGMAS DAY 18

  1. Its hard especially at this time of year as you see everyone posting their “baby’s first Christmas” pictures or “bump’s first Christmas” or SURPRISE WE’RE PREGNANT pictures it seems your inundated so I try to limit my social media time to perhaps an hour at night time when i am cosy and settled in for the night, that way if the news hits me hard (which it always does as we will be at 6 years trying this year) I don’t have to face anyone except my husband until the morning so I can have a good nights sleep and face tomorrow as a brand new day! Also when one of these posts comes up I like to make a what im thankful for list or what im grateful for list and i write down at least 3 things onto a plain piece of paper and then i add some doodles or sequins and glitter and find that concentrating on something creative takes my mind off of things I then like to add the date and put these into my journal as little keepsake reminders of all the little things that have made me happy 🙂 xx

    1. You are so amazing Natalie. That’s such a lovely idea about making the lists, I’m definitely going to try it. What’s really helping at the moment is seeing some of the lovely ladies on Instagram getting their positive tests. I know how tough some of them have had it, and I’m so happy for them. It gives me a little light for the future and a little nudge that happy endings do exist.

  2. Oh girlie, hubby and I have been trying for a few years now and it is so difficult…especially so this year since my sister in law just had her baby less than 2 weeks ago…its so heartbreaking to know that I have such a hard time…the worse part was getting called “lazy” for not having a baby during my sister in laws baby shower.

    1. That’s awful that someone could say that! Some people don’t understand, but honestly neither did I before we started our journey. I’m so sure we’ll all get our happy endings even if it takes a little while. You are doing amazing though, you have to always remember that!


  3. Just try to enjoy Christmas for what it is….. and keep ypur spirits up… your posts quite often get me all teary eyed as there just so heart felt and honest (which I love)
    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

    1. Thank you so much Rhianna! Overall I’m really enjoying Christmas, you always get the days that are a little tougher but that’s like any other time of the year.

      How’s your Christmas going, are you all prepared for the big day?

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