Meanings behind the Christmas Tree Decorations – Blogmas Day 11

Meanings behind the christmas tree decorations - Christmas Tree Disney


Don’t worry, the truth is I decorated quite a while ago (possibly even in November but no one needs to know that) and every evening I get to come home and just stare at my beautiful christmas grotto. Yes you may think that they may be decorations, but they’re more than just decorations. They’re memories and stories. These are the meanings behind the Christmas Tree Decorations.

We’ll start with the Christmas Tree. Last year, my nan had some money she wanted to pass onto me and my sister. I wanted to choose something that would stay with me for a long time rather than just waste it away. What better way to spend it, than on Christmas magic that becomes a centre piece of our flat each and every year.



We found this Disney Bauble whilst on our honeymoon. As soon as we picked our holiday I had in mind that I wanted to buy a super cute Disney ‘Just Married’ decoration and this was just perfect. Luckily it survived the flight back in one piece and takes pride of place on the front of our tree.


Meanings behind the christmas tree decorations - Just Married Disney Bauble


In the weeks leading up to our Wedding, my mum, my bridesmaid and I spent hours and hours making these flowers for our centrepieces. I spotted this little flower in the shop with the exact same design and couldn’t resist!


Meanings behind the christmas tree decorations - Christmas Decorations - Wall-e bauble disney

Meanings behind the christmas tree decorations - elephant bauble


I have so many baubles and decorations on the tree that have other meanings. Such as our love for giraffes and a little nutcrackers from our trip to Belgium. Although if I went through each one I think we’d be here for hours.

Do you have any meanings behind the christmas tree decorations or are yours just simply beautiful baubles?






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