Favourite Christmas Movies – Blogmas Day 7

You can’t have Christmas without Christmas movies. Jingle bells and cheesey love stories galore. There are 24 hour TV channels around this time of year simply to fulfill this part of Christmas and although it’s an extremely difficult task I’ve managed to narrow down the list to my 5 favourite Christmas Movies.

favourite christmas films - love actually


My absolute favourite. I’m going to proudly say I’ve already watched it atleast 6 times this year. I think it’s something about the cute children full of christmas joy and those cheesey christmas songs. I LOVE those christmas songs. So much, that I think they’re permanently stuck in my head and I often end up humming ‘sparkle and shine!’ during work.


A Very Merry Mix Up

I originally stumbled across Merry Mix Up on one of those 24 Christmas movie channels. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s definitely one of those cutesy love stories that you’ll definitely fall in love with.


This is on everyone’s favourite movie list, but I think there’s an obvious reason for that. It’s definitely one of the most christmassy-est, funniest movies that immediately puts you into the festive mood. A little orphan boy accidentally makes his way to the North Pole and they make the decision to raise him as an elf. As he realises he is a little different to the other elves he travels to New York to find his true self.


Arthur Christmas

Santa has the job of delivering billions of presents to children all over the world but this year a child has been missed! It’s up to Santa’s son Arthur to save Christmas with his crazy plan and deliver the last present before Gwen wakes up.

Love Actually

I’m going to completely admit that the first time I saw Love Actually was last year… I know right.

It’s one of those films that guarantees you’ll feel all warm and festive. Following multiple story lines that all intertwine as the film goes on, you find yourself extremely invested in each and every love story they tell. It’s quite a long film, so make sure you have time to watch it all before you click play!


When I get home from work all I ever want to do is sit down and watch a Christmas movie and these are definitely my go-to festive favourites. What are your favourite christmas movies? Have I missed out any obvious ones?


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  1. I am really enjoying your Blogmas posts – right along with the Instagram photos. Keep it coming! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! It’s my first Blogmas so I was a little worried but definitely determined to complete it!


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