Christmas Gifts Under £5 – BLOGMAS DAY 4

With so many shops trying to persuade to buy the ‘perfect’ Christmas present it can become so difficult!  I’ve had a good look around and collected together a few of my favourite Christmas gifts under £5. These presents are perfect for those on a budget, stocking fillers or even a little secret santa present!

All of my featured Christmas gifts under £5 are linked so feel free to click the titles!

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365 Happiness Journal – Paperchase £5

I’ve always found it difficult to keep a diary or journal. The idea of having to find the time or energy to sit down and describe my whole day to a blank notebook just doesn’t seem possible some days. This would be perfect though. It allows you focus on one positive thing from each day and nothing else. I can imagine reading back through this during the year and smiling at all the fantastic memories you’ve managed to capture in just a few lines.

Paperchase 365 Happiness Journal

Christmas Gifts Under £5 New Look Best Friend Keying


Best Friend Keyrings – Newlook £3.99


When I was around 10 I was given one of these little key rings by my best friend at the time and I absolutely treasured it. I made sure that I had it with me at all times and we’d never miss an opportunity to complete the heart and giggle.

My husband and I currently have little lego pieces that create a heart when placed together so the idea still remains! For only 3.99 this is such a cute idea that I’m sure will make your best friend smile!



Christmas Gifts Under £5 Sass and Belle Milk Bottle



Pineapple Mini Milk Bottle with straw – Sass and Belle – £4


Searching through Sass and Belle I found this adorable little pineapple bottle and thought it would be perfect!

Maybe not for someone else but you might be able to use some of yesterdays tips fromHow to hint your way to the perfect Christmas Gift’  and bag it for yourself.

If not, they do a wide range of designs from clouds to reindeers!



Asda Cushions £5 and under

Have you see the incredible range of cushions ASDA are currently selling? All cushions featured in the below photo are £5 and they are all so adorable! They do have some in their Christmas range, but unless you were exchanging gifts early it means your giftee wouldn’t get to use it for long. The charcoal sparkly one looks so comfy!




And this is my favourite *cough* *cough*


Elephant ring holder – Asda £4.

I just love this elephant ring holder. I bought a cat one from ASDA a while ago that sits in our living room but I could always have this in my bedroom right? I’d be hopeful but my husband doesn’t read my blog. Maybe I’ll have to use some of yesterday’s tips…









Which of these Christmas Gifts under £5 are your favourite?

Has anything taken your fancy or have you come across other perfect secret santa presents? Let me know!







4 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts Under £5 – BLOGMAS DAY 4

    1. Same! They are so cute but my husband would say I have way too many cups already.
      Merry Blogmas!


    1. They are so cute aren’t they! Plus they don’t look cheap, I’d be so happy to get any of them as part of a secret santa!


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