How to hint your way to the perfect Christmas Gift – BLOGMAS DAY 3

How to hint your way to the perfect christmas gift

Christmas is nearly here and although your ‘grateful’ face is worthy of an oscar nomination every time you open a new pair of socks, you just need a little help in how to hint your way to the perfect Christmas gift.

I mean, you can always pop it on your Santa list, but he can’t get you everything so these tips are more for parents or partners.

1. Make sure they’re listening to you. 

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent so much time talking to yourself over the years. Anything from ‘morning’ or ‘what are we having for dinner’ gets drowned out by the husband watching funny cat videos. So if you’re seriously trying to hint make sure he’s paying attention. Maybe pull the plug and make a pretend power cut.


How to hint your way to the perfect christmas gift2. Start ordering free catalogues in their name.

Surely they can’t ignore post with their actual name on? You could try signing them up to newsletters but it will probably end up in junk without them noticing. (Yes that Is a Domino’s leaflet.. please?)

3. Guess what I saw?!

I was walking through INSERT SHOP NAME and I saw the cutest PRODUCT NAME!’ You could even add ‘have you seen it?’ to the end. Maybe a ‘I just can’t justify the cost.. its more like a present type of price….’ If you’re really desperate add a cheeky *wink*.


4. Drop the word into sentences then How to hint your way to the perfect christmas giftdeny deny deny

Example: I want a bracelet for christmas.

How are you this bracelet morning’.
‘What did you say?’
‘How are you this morning… what do you think I said?’
Have you bracelet seen Stranger Things?’
What bracelet do you want for dinner?’

There are so many options…. just remember to deny all doing and practice your confused face for when they bring it up.


5. Frame pictures around the house.

Start swapping out the photos in your frames to what you want. Photoshop the bracelet you want on. Put a photo of those new pair of shoes in the hallway. Make them stare at the photo every single day, probably without even realising.





Okay… some of these may not be 100% serious but they may still work.  You’ve given it your best shot and worst comes to worst, who doesn’t appreciate a new pair of socks anyway?


How do you hint your way to the perfect Christmas gift?


5 thoughts on “How to hint your way to the perfect Christmas Gift – BLOGMAS DAY 3

  1. Happy Blogmas day 3! Hope you enjoyed this little post!

    What are you hoping to get for Christmas? Have you hinted or do you just have your fingers crossed?



  2. Hahahaha brilliant post! I personally love the “drop the name into sentences” point because that’s some very Derren Brown type wizardry there and if you’ve seen any of his love shows you’ll know that it actually works! I usually just tell my boyfriend what I want if it’s something specific. I’d ragher him get me something I know I’ll like rather than a “meh” surprise xxx

    1. Thank you! I absolutely love Derren Brown I’d never though of it. I’ve always wanted to see him live but I think I’d be too scared. Have you seen him live?

      It makes sense to just tell them what you want. My husband’s so easy to buy for as he’s star wars obsessed, but I don’t think it’s as easy for me.


    1. It makes sense to just send them links. My husband will sit here trying to decide right up until the last day and run round the shops picking up whatever’s left!


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