Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe – BLOGMAS Day 2

Growing up I always loved making rice crispy birds nests around easter time. Never a fan of marshmellow I swapped it out and used chocolate instead. (That’s probably why I liked them so much….) It is such a cute, cheap and easy to make recipe and even better? This time of year we get to shape them into rice crispy christmas trees!

To make these yummy Rice Crispy Christmas Trees you need:

200g Rice Crispies
200g White Chocolate
Green food colouring
8 Peanut Butter Cups.
200ml Milk

*You can use a saucepan to melt your chocolate similar to our Winter Snow Truffles but for this recipe we used the microwave.*

1. 200g White Chocolate, glass bowl.

Pop your chocolate in your heat proof bowl and place inside the microwave. I suggest leaving it in their for 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir and repeat until the chocolate is fully melted.

Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe

Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe2. 20ml Green food colouring

Add in your food colouring. Give it a really good mix to allow the food colouring to cover all of your chocolate.

Be aware that your mixture may become thicker with certain food colouring so this is where we add the milk. Pour it in slowly. You may not need to use all the milk. You’re aiming for the consistency the chocolate was before adding the colouring.

3. 200g Rice Crispies

Add in your Rice Crispies and mix and until all the mixture is stuck together.

Rice Crispy Christmas Tree Recipe4. Shape your mixture into trees. To make the tree shape I rolled some mixture in my hands to create a sausage and then placed it on a cutting board, squishing the bottom section.

5. Place on a peanut butter cup for the stump and decorate your trees with sprinkles!

6. Take a photo of your yummy Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and tag me on Instagram!

Rice Crispy Christmas Trees Recipe

8. Eat and enjoy!


You can definitely see that my husband helped me with this recipe. We currently have marshmallows (that aren’t even in this recipe!) and sprinkles everywhere!

I hope you liked making these little Rice Crispy Christmas trees!  They are so adorable and taste so good! Do you have any other favourite christmas treat recipes? Let me know and show me a photo!




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  1. Although I did enjoy making this with the help of my husband, he is so messy! I’m sure you can guess who got the job of cleaning up!

    What are your favourite Christmas treats?



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