(Realistic) Ways To Make Yourself Happy

I read through so many of these lists letting you knowwhat you can do to make yourself happy.’ They should probably be renamed to you can only be happy if you have x amount of time. I don’t have time to do laundry every day, bake my favourite muffins every day, clean my whole house every single day. I barely have time to sit down and eat dinner. The only day I go on here are on my days off.

I currently sit in a room with yesterday’s work bag on the floor, McDonalds wrappers thrown across the kitchen from last night’s dinner and last week’s shopping haul neatly tucked into the corner yet to be put away. You may say that’s lazy, it’s fine. It partly is. But it’s mainly because I work anything between 40-60 hours a week and spend 3 hours a day transporting myself to said work. I tidy. I will tidy on my days off. Anyone who writes these lists must have an infinite numbers of hours within their day which don’t get me wrong is great. But I don’t. I have a very small amount of spare time smushed at the end of my day so here’s my few little tips on trying to stay happy.


  1. You brush your teeth twice a day for at least 3 minutes. What else lasts three minutes? Your favourite song! Why waste time when you can look a little strange dancing to Michael Buble’s It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!’ (It’s not too early is it?)
  2. Treat yourself to your favourite biscuits. They’re not that expensive but they taste great with a cup of tea. Even if you take them with you on your work break. At the moment mine are malted milks. Only 39p and I look forward to them every morning as soon as I wake up.
  3. Buy a couple of great pairs of comfy socks or if you’re feeling super generous to yourself some of those fluffy winter slippers. After work and being on your feet all day nothing feels better than slipping them on and cuddling up under a blanket. Primark currently have some great ones at 2 pairs for £1.80.  Where can you go wrong?
  4. I recently changed my phone background to a photo of my fur baby. Before that my background had been the same for over a year and although it was a lovely photo of me and my husband I had just become used to seeing it. Now when I look at my phone I smile. (Maybe it just means I love my fur baby more than my husband… shhh!)
  5. Try to focus on yourself. When I’m at the end of a 50 hour week it’s so easy to sit there and think it’s not fair. I could sit and think ‘why me. I worked so hard. Went to Uni and now what?’ Some people do have it better off. Some people have better paying jobs. But you have to remember that

You are doing great. 

You got to the end of another week. You probably made someone smile, someone laugh. Maybe you gave someone a hug. You read a new chapter in your favourite book. You started watching a new television series. You relaxed. You focused on yourself, even if for 10 minutes.

I know it can be difficult but just try to remind yourself just how amazing you are.


Let me know your little ways of relaxing and how you make yourself happy. What secrets do you have to share?


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