The Christmasaurus – Musical Edition Review

The Christmasaurus – Musical Edition Review

It’s a little too early to hang the lights and decorate the Christmas tree, but it’s definitely not too early for Christmas music and stories. The Christmasaurus was originally released last year, but has been re-released with an exclusive music soundtrack! I’ve been eyeing the original book since it hit the shelves, but I’m going to fully admit I’m not a lover of reading. However when Tom Fletcher announced he was releasing a soundtrack alongside it, well.. I was sold.

Christmasaurus The Musical Edition Review


Christmasaurus The Musical Edition Review

The book itself is beautiful. The sleeve has the most magnificent art that really does sell the christmas magic hidden within. Under the dust jacket? An extra Christmas treat.


I really don’t want to reveal too many spoilers so my review will be a little sparse. 

The story is based on a little dinosaur-loving boy who lives with his father. As every little boy and girl does, he writes his christmas wish and guess what he wishes for?


” Well, bless my kringles,’ Santa said with a tear in his eye. It’s a baby DINOSAUR!’


The writing style is so much fun, but with the mention of frozen bogies and sprouts that taste like a toilet it’s definitely aimed at children. That’s not saying I didn’t enjoy it. I loved it A LOT.


Tom’s included his friends, family and Santa in the soundtrack and I can see why he wanted it sold alongside the book.  Throughout the book I couldn’t help but imagine the art coming to life as his music played. You get the overly Christmas songs, the funny songs and the sad songs all in one and I’m going to admit it will probably be on repeat during my commute for the next month.

Christmasaurus The Musical Edition Review

You also get the lyrics printed out at the back of the book , which is going to be extremely helpful when annoying my husband as I play it on repeat up until Christmas day.


It’s live on stage between 20th and 28th December. Unfortunately I’m not going, but if you can I really recommend you do! I’ll try not to be too jealous.

As you know this blog was originally created as a collection of thoughts on our future family, and it’s definitely a book I will be keeping. I can easily see this becoming part of a Christmas family tradition. It’s a lovely book about the true meaning of Christmas, that includes some special friends along for the ride.

Have you read the Christmasaurus? Are you getting the musical edition?

Let me know!






P.S I’d really really like tickets to see Christmasaurus Live.


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