My Travel Wishlist

When you’re little you start a list of places you want to visit. Most take a gap year and fulfil those travel wishlists. I didn’t take a gap year. My yearly holiday’s consisted of travelling around Wales to spot Doctor Who filming locations (yes! I know.. I’m super cool.)  My husband and I also had some amazing holidays to Los Angeles, Anaheim when we were younger. We bought back so many amazing memories that will never leave us and we wouldn’t swap them for anything.

Now, we’ve finally made the full transition to adulthood. We have bills, mortgage and hopes for the future that leave us tethered down and saving money. Don’t get me wrong, we treat each other but not on holidays. We can however hope and have a future travel wishlist.

  1. DisneyWorld. I love Disney, did you realise that yet? We’ve been to Disneyworld separately when we were younger. I’m talking age 11ish. As a couple our chosen holiday destination was Disneyland Anaheim. Forever in our hearts it will stay, as we got engaged and spent our honeymoon there. However… DisneyWorld. I really want to go, but I’d really love to go with a little human to share my excitement with. Going to Disney as adults is one thing but to experience it with a child I think would be something so magical. We’re not fans of the big rides anyway, and even if we were I think it would be worth giving that wishlist - disney cupcake
  2. New York. There were plans to go to NewYork on a school trip when I was 16. After many promises, and signed forms for some reason the school just cancelled it. I don’t even remember the details. I’ll get to go one day. I wanted to go during the New Year ball drop, but I don’t enjoy large crowds and I’m usually in bed by 9pm so maybe just a little trip at some point will fulfil that need.
  3. Venice. I’m not sure why, it just looks beautiful. We’ve never been on a casual slow holiday. Every holiday has always been planned down to the minute, and I know I’d probably plan this one the same but I can always stay hopeful can’t I?
  4. Paris  I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been to France but never been to visit the thing it’s most famous for. If either of us could drive it would be a little easier, but we’d have to go via EuroTunnel and it’s not the cheapest. If I go… can we please visit Disneyland Paris at the same time?

Until then we’ll stay in chilly, windy Brighton. It’s not too bad and we have each other. It’s home and those other adventures can wait.


What’s on your travel wishlist? Where have you been before?




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5 thoughts on “My Travel Wishlist

  1. I’ve been to both Venice and Paris and they’re so beautifully breath-taking. However, I’ve never actually been to Disney World so that’s definitely on my travel bucket list too! Xx

    1. I’m so jealous! Did you stay there for a long holiday or just a little weekend trip? I’d be tempted to take a short trip but I probably wouldn’t want to leave!

    1. Hey Vanessa, thank you for reading my blog!
      Really?! You shouldn’t tempt me haha! Maybe I’ll treat us in the new year. Now to get my husband to agree…


      1. I’ve just come across this post and followed your advice. We’ve just booked the Eurostar to Disney! I’m so excited!

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