Pumpkins, costumes and all things spooky!

I think the last Halloween party I attended was around the age of 12. My mum made me this amazing vampire-ess outfit for me to wear at the school disco. I came first in the halloween costume contest and we spent the evening noshing on a box of chocolates I won.

Other than a chav-fairy for laughs, and Tinkerbell for a charity walk my costume attempts are pretty non-existant. I love Halloween but I’m not one for parties and drinking so I usually spend the evening sitting at home. Luckily Halloween is one of the only times we don’t have to wear uniform at work.

little red riding hood halloween costume

Although you’d think they’d jump at the chance, unfortunately my colleagues are just one big let down. As team leader I tell them it’s compulsory but most see through my lies and it usually ends up with me, and two others making the effort. I make the full effort. Costume, backcombed hair with fake blood smothered across my face. The 4am starts benefit me this time of year, because I’m sure Little Red Riding hood’s priority wasn’t perfect make-up. Plus, the kids love it.

On my day off I did carve a Pumpkin, unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning to a crime scene. Someone had murdered my pumpkin! Okay.. maybe not, but the pumpkin had exploded across my windowsill and caved in over night. Covered in black fluff the only suitable place for it was the bin. My pumpkins are usually some super-artistic, takes me hours to carve creation but luckily this year I created the usual scary face, Jack-Skellington inspired pumpkin. I was happy although I messed up the top slightly so it kept falling inside. I was going to patch it up with cocktail sticks, but I never got that far.Now all that’s left is scary movies! Although I may admit to you that I watched Nativity the other day… Not that I’m wishing the year away but I’m definitely ready for Christmas.


What are you doing for Halloween this year? Are you dressing up? Show me photos! Hopefully your pumpkins last a little longer than mine!


Or… are you just secretly ready for Christmas?





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