My little Autumnal Haul

I never go shopping, and that isn’t a joke. My daily route goes just along the outskirts of town and I usually just want to get home after work. I had a day off and most the shops were (supposed to be) landing their Halloween range so I went to see what I could find!


I became distracted and hopped of the bus a little early near the Brighton South Lanes. I have always loved Paperchase and always end up with way too much stationary. I planned to have a drawer in our flat, which has now become two drawers, a cupboard and a box full of pens, pencils and scrapbook paper. I’m very proud of myself that I only purchased one pack of paper in the sale, AND I actually have a need for it. (It will be on a future project but I’ll point it out once it’s posted. )
Paperchase haul - cute slogan plate

I saw this little plate, sitting on it’s own, right at the top of the sale stand and fell in love. I have no idea where I’ll put it but I’m sure I’ll find it a home. It was reduced from 8.50 down to 1.80! The art is so cute and I’m just a sucker for little quotes like this.

paperchase haul - love stickersThey had little boxes of ‘bits and bobs’ that had lettered and animal key-rings, tiny pocket notebooks and mini highlighters. Tucked right at the bottom were these cute little packets of stickers. I also grabbed one for a Christmas Give-Away that I’m planning on my Instagram in December!

Cath Kidston

I walked up through the lanes and found myself at Cath Kidston. I have a friend who is absolutely obsessed with this shop, and that’s by no means an understatement. She’d shown me her ‘Party Friends’ cups that were gifted to her and I knew I had to plan a visit. The Party Friends collection if you’re not aware is covered in fun little Guinea Pigs, and one thing you now know about me is that my life revolves around my Guinea Pig.

cath kidston party pets bagI was honest to myself that I didn’t need any more cups, tea towels or oven gloves but I couldn’t walk out empty handed. I purchased a cute little fold up bag for 8. I thought it would be great to pop in my bag at work just incase I need to get any shopping on the way home. (AKA shopping my husband requests via text on the way home from work…)

primark disney, winnie the pooh hunny mug


If you’re on Instagram you would have seen that Primark has bought out a new Disney Homeware range. I went in to see if they had landed any of their Christmas products but unfortunately they had not. Though, out the corner of my eye, I did spot this Winnie The Pooh mug. Yes okay, I did say I didn’t need anymore cups… but look at it. I have a fast growing obsession with Disney and Winnie The Pooh and I just though this mug was adorable.

Home Sense

Looking around Brighton, the only store that had landed their Halloween Range was Home Sense. Although most of their store was already covered in Christmas , so I was a little disappointed. The only Halloween decorations I could find were shot cups, wine glasses and signs that say ‘Let’s drink, witches!’ Unfortunately as I don’t drink it left me walking back and forth hoping that I’d missed a shelf.

halloween decorations homesense. ghost trick or treat bowl

Luckily I had missed a shelf. Tucked right at the back was this little ghostie. I’m so glad that I found such a cute decoration but I was expecting to go home with a lot more. Home-sense has always be my go-to for Home Decor but I think they’ve become too excited over Christmas this year and have almost forgotten that they still have 3 months to go.

Where do you buy all your Halloween decorations?

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  1. I must say I am the Halloween grintch … but hey I make up for it at Christmas. But omg I love that mug I am a massive disney fan and especially Winnie the pooh I have been obsessed since I was a kid. Sadly I don’t get into my local Primark that often 😭I may have to add it to my list for father Christmas tho 🤣😙
    Much love itsamumalife2017

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