My September Playlist

As you now from my blog post ‘My Journey To Work I spend A LOT of time on public transport. This means I spend a lot of time listening to my playlist (aka skipping through my playlist over and over again.) I’ve put together a September Playlist of songs that I’m not skipping this month.

1. Pink

Did you see Pink’s performance at the VMAs this year? I know it may be classed as cheating because she didn’t perform just one song but I play by my own rules. Her performance was a mash up of her past hits leading into her latest track ‘What About Us’ which had the most perfect choreography.

2. Macklemore & Kesha – Good Old Days

Whilst at University I had the choice of a 30 minute walk home or 2 hour bus journey. Through the summer I’d choose the walk, and I’d constantly listen to Macklemore’s The Heist. It was my favourite album for ages, and this song could slot straight into the track list.

3. Orla Gartland – Imposter

The video of Imposter shows the behind the scenes of Orla Gartlands song and shows off her talent to the truest form. Her lyrics weave themselves into your mind and the chorus will definitely stay there. And by that I mean that you will continue to hear it for the rest of the day whether you intend to or not. One day I will get to see her live.

4. Taylor Swift – Look what you made me do

What’s the latest statistic for this song now? Youtube shows that 80% people like this song (which really isn’t too bad) but in reality, I’ve found only 1 person who likes it (in addition to me of course.)

5. Dodie – Intertwined

I’ve always loved Dodies’s music. She released Intertwined back in April but I think it says something that I’m still listening to it on repeat in September. I’ve been lucky enough to see Dodie perform quite a few times live and it just made me fall even more in love with her music.

6. Natasha Bedingfeild – Mashup

I stumbled across this the other day, but have since returned to it many times. It’s a collaboration with Kurt Hugo Schneider and the whole arrangement is just beautiful. (I might say that I prefer the mashup to the originals…. maybe)

7. Lorde – Liability

Lorde’s voice is so distinctive and this song just pulls at your heart. You can feel the emotion pouring out and the whole song is just a masterpiece.

8. ReneĆ© Dominique – What A Wonderful World x Can’t Help Falling In Love (mashup cover)

I was struggling to find songs for this playlist, then I remembered that at least 100 of this month’s video views are mine.

9. Dua Lipa – new rules

This is a little different to the rest. It’s so annoying but it’s so damn catchy! It’s the sort of song I sing whilst I’m doing the washing up. I can’t guess how many people on holiday have attempted the hallway handstand routine though.


10. Sia – Rainbow


I’ve always been in love with Sia’s voice and I’m so glad that Maddie’s still dancing in her videos. I find that you can always attach your own story to Sia’s lyrics and that’s what I love about her. (Also, I’m not a fan of My Little Pony, but I love the SIA pony!)

Are any of these on your playlist? Have I missed someone amazing out? Let me know!

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