Forever 21 Sale Haul

Two weeks ago I received an email from Forever 21 offering an extra 50% on any sale items. I’m one of those people who often fill their online basket with things they can’t afford and just leave it sitting there, but with this offer I thought I might be able to justify a few new jumpers.

Just before I jump(er?) into it, I’m just going to say Forever21 sizes are not great. If I go by the measurements I measure up as a definite large.. closer to the end of a large… This means most of my purchases were of course, large. You’ll see that their sizing isn’t true in my case, but hopefully my mistake will help you make a better decision on your sizing before you order from them.

I’ve never done a Haul before but I’m overly excited to show off my new jumpers and dresses so here we go!

Forever 21 Boat Neck Jumper in charcoal
Boat neck jumper (in charcoal.) £10.00

This is more of a cropped jumper. 99% of the time I usually wear high waisted skirts so I bought it with plans for this. The sleeves are quite long so they could be folded up or you could just fully embrace the over-sized winter jumper look and leave them. It’s not the thickest of jumpers and you’d probably need another layer once it really gets into winter but for Autumn you could wear it alone.

Forever 21 Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan in Berry
Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan (berry large.) £23.00 £15.99

I’m in love with this colour at the moment. It definitely holds up to the ‘fuzzy’ description and it’s best quality? it’s so warm. It’s longer than I’d usually buy my cardigans but I really like the look of it. It does have a hood but I don’t think I’d want to wear it in the rain.. I’ve got a feeling it would soak up water like a sponge, so I’ll only be using this to keep my ears warm. It’s not a button up, so more made to just hang but it does have two pockets! (I’m definitely allowed to be excited by this. So many clothes at the moment don’t have pockets, or have misleading fake ones!)

Forever 21 Contemporary Marled Top in Charcoal
Contemporary Marled Top. (In charcoal) £13.00 £9.10

This is probably my favourite item from my order. IT IS JUST SO SOFT 😍 Yes, it’s a large so it’s slightly over-sized, but I do quite like my winter jumpers baggy. It’s definitely not thick enough to wear out on it’s own, so I will need to buy a nice new winter coat to go with it. (Send me some suggestions if you’ve seen any?) Paired with skinny jeans and it’s my ideal, quick-throw on outfit that just looks comfy. I really can’t wait to wear this out!
Stretch knit trapeze dress (heather grey and olive) £13.00 £8.99

I ordered the olive dress in a medium as at the time it wasn’t available in the large. I understand that it’s a style that’s made to hang, but there is so much material. The medium fits, but it’s still just a little too much on the baggy side. I’ve paired it with my faux fur boots and my little leather jacket and it’s just a nice easy autumnal outfit to throw on.

I bought the same dress in heather grey in large, which should have been a perfect fit… not so much. I paid close to £4 for this, so I will be keeping it, even to just wear around the home. As we are trying to conceive I’m tempted to put it aside for maternity, as it’s still a lovely dress and it was such a bargain. I’m sure I’ll find a use for it.

Other stuff I’m wearing in this:
Boots : Sainsbury’s TU
Jeans : Jeggings – ASDA
Skirt : Bershka

What do you think of my little sale haul? Have you found any winter bargains yet?

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