My journey to work

On average I spend about 3 hours a day on my bus route to and from work.

It’s not a bad view in the morning but by the evening it’s packed with school children and the only view I have is cheaply made fidget spinners accompanied by gossip about crushes and Zoellas latest instagram post.

Luckily I have many options to fill this time. There’s the choice of Netflix, Reddit, Pokemon Go or falling into the trap of refreshing Facebook half a dozen times times. I mean at 5 in the morning I could really be missing out on important Facebook posts. (I really hope my sacarsm comes across on this.)

I’m greatful that for the majority of my journey I have the sea to look at, but when it’s windy (and we live in England so this is a lot of the time) the bus will sway back and forth across the road to the point where I’m digging my nails into the bus seat trying not to fall on top of the poor commuter next to me.

There wasn’t much of a reason to this blog, except to share another large (but maybe boring) part of my life. I know a lot of people spend so long commuting to their work so maybe we can just give a small nod when we see each other falling asleep at 5am. We all understand.

How is your journey to work? 💕





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3 thoughts on “My journey to work

  1. That’s great you enjoy the people you work with and want to stay. The people I work with is also one of the reasons why I enjoy my position. 🙂

    1. Hey Brennon! Thank you for reading my blog post 💕 I almost moved jobs but decided I’d miss the people too much. One day I’ll get a job a little closer!

      1. That’s quite a bit of a commute. Mine is less than 15 minutes driving. I can’t even think of driving too much further than that each way.

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