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To say “I’ll start the house tour in the bedroom” sounds an awful lot like I’m inviting you in for anything but a house tour. The real reason? It’s the only room that’s actually either tidy or complete at the moment.

It’s not your typical blogger’s bedroom. There’s only a little natural light and I haven’t got any fancy ladder shelves or candles. Compared to our last little bedroom (where I’d have to climb over the bed to get to my side) it’s massive but there’s still just enough room for our wardrobe and bed.

When we first looked around, the previous owners had the bare minimum. Not overly homely and really quite boring, so I was really looking forward to painting it and and luckily found the exact colour I was searching for at £3. I only wanted one wall painted, and yes I did the whole masking tape trick and still ended up with wiggly lines all the way down the edges. (This may be the reason I’ve cropped the photo, but you’ll never know.)

The ‘sparkle’ sign above our headboard was originally a Christmas decoration that I found mid January. I bought it without any idea of where I’d actually put it but once we moved the decision was between this and a canvas. The lanterns either side were a present from my husband after I persuaded him years and years ago. His exact words at the time were “You’ll never use them.”

I’m completely in love with these little lights from Cable and Cotton. You can choose whatever colours you want, in whichever order you desire and they look absolutely gorgeous even when the lights are off. I saw their little shop in the Brighton lanes a few years ago but never had a reason to get them until my husband was nagging me for present ideas at Christmas. I’m considering getting another set soon for a little project!

We purchased our wardrobe from IKEA minus the doors with the plan to treat ourselves to them at Christmas. Luckily a pair were spotted on Gumtree and Christmas came a little early. The great thing about the IKEA PAX wardrobes is that you are able to design the insides however you like. We chose 3 rails, 2 shelves and a little set of drawers. Another reason I love the PAX wardrobes are because it’s bascially a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ kit once it arrives. It means that if you decide later on you want a reshuffle of the design, or you want different doors, you can do just that. (Having the doors also means we can hide all of our rubbish and pretend we actually tidy, it’s great!)

Thank you so much for reading my little bedroom tour, if you want to know where any of the little accessories are from comment below!

What does your dream bedroom look like?
Do you have a Pinterest board full of photographs too? Link it to me if you do (please)!

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