Get to know me (a little)!

With an anonymous blog I’ve found it can be very difficult to connect with the person on the other side of the computer screen. I’ve answered 20 questions just to give you a little insight into me (without giving away too many secrets!)
1. What is your favourite color?
Blue, we have a lot of blue around our apartment. Although mint green has definitely been making an appearance lately.
2. Who was your first best friend?
My blog’s anonymous for the moment, so I’ll call her C. We did everything together. Had little best friend necklaces and sleepovers. I remember secretly watching South Park vhs tapes on this little TV she had in the corner of her room. I doubt we even understood the jokes at the time but we definitely thought it was hilarious.
3. What is your middle name?
I know a lot of people tend to use their middle names for blogs or other forms of social media but mine just sort of sits there.
4. How tall are you?
5.6ft a half, but shrinking since I was 16 😢
5. Cats or Dogs?
I love both but I’m also super allergic to both. Our flats only accept cats so I’m constantly getting pestered by my husband to get a cat but unfortuantely the answer will always be no.
6. Funniest moment throughout school?
I took an extra Arts course during GCSE and I used it as an excuse to pull my friend out of classes and wonder around the school hall pretending to trip on stuff and do risk assessments. The day of the final event we ended up sitting on the beach as it was starting because we needed to ‘buy prizes for the winners.’ We got back in time… sort of.
7. How many countries have you visited?
Not so many. I’ve never been a ‘traveller’ as such but I’ve been to Spain, France, Germany and America.
8. Are you in/gone to college?
I went a few years ago and achieved, Distinction, A* B (and an A in an extra AS I believe.)
9. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?
Favourite was definitely music. Worst? Science. I was predicted high grades until they over subscribed the top class and I got pushed into a lower one. The teacher left and we never got a replacement, we did however get a substitute that made us play charades daily. 😣
10. What is your favourite animal?
When me and my husband first met we spent a lot of time in this cute little cafe and they had a little giraffe there. As the years went on we ended up buying more and more giraffe presents so we now have an apartment covered in them.
11. Tea or Coffee?
Definitely tea!
13. What Sports do you play/Have you played?
I used to be super sporty. Netball team, basketball team, hurdler and quite a few medals for sprinting. I then got lazy. I did try to get back into running but I really damaged my leg and even with months of physiotherapy, sports are out of the question for as far as I can see.
14. What is your favourite movie?
Toy Story, definitely Toy Story. I cannot wait for them to build Toy Story land in Disney! Hopefully we’ll have a little human to take at some point. 💕
15. Are you Single or Taken?
Taken by my (maybe) lovely husband.
16. What is your favourite season?
Whatever season it isn’t. 😂 I cannot wait for Winter now!
17. Do you speak any different languages and how well?
I took Spanish for two years in high school and a year in University but I can barely speak a word of it. I’m currently teaching myself British Sign Language though.
18. How would you describe your fashion sense?
Honestly? I really don’t have one. At the moment it’s either work uniform or pyjamas.
19. What is your favourite restaurant?
I really need one! We don’t eat out a lot so if anyone has any suggestions pop them below!
20. What are some of your favourite tv shows?
Orphan Black, Friends, Black Mirror… the list goes on…
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There you go! You may have learnt a little about me, or you may have learnt absolutely nothing. Don’t forget to suggest some new restaurants for us to try!
And if you stumble upon this post you don’t get out of it that easily! You’re also tagged 😀 Post a link to your answers below!

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