My Bed Is A Place…

My bed is a place where today’s bad thoughts go to rest and the good intertwine themselves within my dreams.

My worries become non-existant and I can finally stop. Stop rushing. Stop panicking. Stop putting pressure on myself. I can snuggle down under the duvet, close my eyes and just dream. Create my own little world inside my head, where nothing bad exists and I have complete control over the story.

Until I get the giggles listening to my husband sleep talk. From telling me his shopping list to expressing his feelings about dinosaurs. He assures me he’s 100% awake and being serious, but something tells me that informing me of the new Hungarian call rates isn’t the most important thing at 3 in the morning.

Then my alarm sounds, but I won’t complain about the good morning I receive when the sunlight glares through the curtains or the sound of rain drops on the window fill the silence of our apartment. It’s my welcome into a new day that can become anything I set my heart on. I know that one day may not be significant on its own but it can be the beginning of something amazing.

And do you know what? This whole post was inspired by a cute little duvet set that I bought yesterday in clearance for £3. Not bad ‘ey?

What does your bed mean to you?

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