Pre Pregnancy Baby Box 

Tucked away in the corner of our second bedroom is a box. A little rabbit on the side and hopes for the future hidden within.
We’re not pregnant. We are however very hopeful.

Pre-Pregnancy Baby box

Every day after work I walk past a certain shop and unfortunately they have a lot of sales, and unfortunately I get extremely tempted.
I’m not talking cribs or large furniture. I’m talking clearance onesies, blankets and a cute little stuffed lion.

Safari, Giraffe onesie

My husband really doesn’t mind. He’s seen a few bits and he’s smiled which is a lot more than I expected. He knows I’m only purchasing gender neutral stuff and he knows it keeps me happy.


We’re not wealthy by any means, and I would rather buy what we really want as it runs into clearance versus having to buy it at full price or choose more affordable things that we love a little less when the time comes.

Childrens Books. The Great Heffalump Hunt & Hello Mr Moon
Am I jinxing it? I really don’t think I am. If we for some reason can’t conceive, we’ll adopt. I don’t see the box as a reminder that we haven’t been successful as of yet. I see the box as our future.

Were/have you tempted to start a baby box before you became pregnant? What are your opinions?

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5 thoughts on “Pre Pregnancy Baby Box 

  1. I didn’t have a box but I did have a stash of baby clothes that I started collecting about 3 years ago. I told my boyfriend it was to save money when it came to us having to buy everything. I think he probably thought I was slightly crazy but knew nothing he said would stop me so he left me to it! I think it’s a great idea and I know how difficult it is to say no to an adorable sleepsuit you fall for, and they won’t be in the shops forever, carry on! xx.

  2. This is such a good idea, it took me and my partner over a year to fall pregnant and I think a little box like this would have been a lovely little reminder of the good that comes from all the heartache.
    I don’t think it’s jinxing it at all, whatever makes it easier for you!

    Katie |


    1. Hey Katie! Thank you for reading my blog 💕 It’s so nice having that little reminder, the worst bit is the box is slowly growing… and growing!

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