June… where did it go?

We’re pretty settled into our apartment now. There’s one box that’s been begging me to unpack it for a few weeks but it’s still sitting on the floor of the second bedroom. Other than that, this place does really feel like home.

I had a week or so off work which destroyed my ‘to be watched’ list on Netflix so if anyone has any suggestions please send them my way. At the moment I’m watching back to back Disney films, and although I do love Disney I wouldn’t mind a little variety.

The news on TTC? Not going anywhere fast unfortunately. My body is still struggling to ovulate and I’m currently sitting on cycle day 69 counting positive opks, with no luck. The internet says wait until six months but at three I think I’ll phone the doctor. I’m now just wishing I’d stopped my bcp a little earlier. I’m sure our time will come, it’s just getting frustrating.
If anyone stumbles across this how was your June?

P.s it’s more than half way until Christmas!

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