Primark Disney Haul!

Primark Disney Haul!

Last week we decided to plan a sort-of last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. The week before I’d seen a collection of Disney bits in Primark that I told myself ‘I had no need for.’  Well guess what? Now I have a need for them! I had a little birthday money left over so I treated myself. Here’s my Primark Disney Haul!




Mickey Mouse backpack – £12

There was a sparkley Disney backpack floating around Instagram a few months back, which was the original one I was looking for. They don’t do the sparkley one anymore but looking back on photos I honestly think I prefer this one. The ears on the top are so cute and the clasp on the front is in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The whole bag is adorable and I can’t wait to use it around the parks!

Make-up bag – £6

We usually pack all of our medicines and bathroom bits in one of those clear bags you take to the airport, but we’re going on the Eurostar this year so I got to choose a cute bag! There was another bag I was slightly tempted by, but this was my final decision. It’s sturdy so you’ll easily be able to access everything without pouring it all out across the unit, and the little Dalmatian on the front really sold it!


Disney jumper – £10

I wanted to pick up a thin jumper for evenings when the park gets chilly. It might have been in the pyjama section, but I don’t care. It’s so soft and has a little hood and will easily squish into the bottom of my bag.




Purse – £6

On my last trip I picked up this purse but left it at the tills as I told myself ‘I didn’t really need it.’ I do, I really do need it. It’s so cute and actually holds quite a lot. There’s two sides for all those store cards you’re hoarding and a little zip in the middle for change.



Blue top – £10

This isn’t disney related but I’m definitely going to take it with me. I saw this cute top in the corner of the store and something drew me towards it. Unfortunately I was wearing my work clothes when I tried it on. Just a hint – it doesn’t look great with ugly black trousers and worn out Doc Martens. I bought it anyway so I could try it on with a high waisted skirt, and I’m so happy I did! The sleeves are 3/4 length bell sleeves and it has a little tie at the front.





It wasn’t a large haul but I got a few bits I really love. I already have a wardrobe of clothes from our last few holidays (the joys of being an adult – everything still fits.) So I don’t want to buy too much. At the end of the day, I’d rather have the money saved for spending in the parks and possibly on a life long stash of BNs! Who remembers those?


What do you think of my little Primark Disney haul? Have you ever picked up any cute Disney merch in Primark?







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