Decorating our flat for Halloween!

Decorating our flat for Halloween!

Over the years I’ve collected boxes and boxes of Halloween decorations. I’ve always had these amazing plans for Halloween but living in my mother-in-laws house didn’t really allow me to decorate much.

We finally have our own flat, so this year is the year!

I’m going to turn our home into a spooky.. haunted.. Halloween… flat. (Doesn’t really have the same ring to it though does it?)

Spooky halloween decorations bay window

Halloween Decorations. Ghost trick or treat bucket from Home Sense. Two pumpkin skeletons from Sainsburys. Halloween Treats.

Before I’d even picked up the keys, I had already planned where the Halloween decorations were going. It’s just the cutest, most perfect bay window to create a little ‘Halloween scene’ without cluttering the rest of the room up too much. Unfortunately it does mean the chocolate becomes a little melted if left there for too long, but I think that’s just a great excuse to eat more chocolate.

You’ve seen the little Trick or Treat ghostie before in my Autumnal Haul and the guys either side are also new this year. My mum tried to describe these cute little pumpkin skeleton Bride and Groom to me, but we ended up just going to have a look. They were only 3.50 each from Sainsbury’s! They are meant to hang but I thought they looked better trying to climb into our trick or treat bowl.


halloween skeleton spider. Halloween Decorations halloween skeleton bat. Halloween Decorations

(Yes… okay. Spider’s don’t have bones but shhhh!)
These were either going to be my greatest success or my biggest fail. I had an idea of what I wanted in my head and luckily I love how they turned out. They took longer than you’d think and I’m going to be forever finding bits of black card from Sully’s fur across my rug. Plus, I only looked a little strange running outside over and over again to see what they looked like.

monsters inc window silhouettes. Frankenweenie window silhouette. Nightmare before christmas Window Silhouette. Halloween window Silhouette

I hope you like looking at my Halloween decorations! Do you decorate your home/room? Show me photos!

Happy Halloween light box

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