Trying To Conceive – 6 Month Update

Trying To Conceive – 6 Month Update

Statistics say that 72% of couples trying to conceive will get pregnant within six months. Well six months has arrived and I guess we’re not part of that percentage.

In all honesty it feels like I’m trying to win the lottery without buying a ticket. We found out around 3 months ago I’m not ovulating and probably won’t be for a while. My prolactin is too high and I’ve been referred to a specialist that has a 3 month waiting list with the hope of finding out more information than “I don’t know.”

When you google ‘high prolactin’ the word ‘prolactinoma’ immediately pops up which is a benign tumour of the pituitary gland. Yes, I’m going to admit it’s scary that could be the reason but I’m trying not to worry as I’m looking at a good few months of the unknown.

For most girls it would be like heaven, but for me I’m hoping every day for a period as it’s been MIA for 6 months now. I’ve even told my husband we’ll have a mini pizza party for two when it arrives. Maybe I should be making the most of this. Maybe I should be wearing white jeans, going swimming everyday and dancing until midnight.

All we can do is wait. Maybe it will happen on its own, but at the moment I’m highly doubting it. Atleast I’m on the waiting list and maybe when I write our 12 months update I’ll have some more positive news. 💕

Just a little note to include. I follow so many amazing people on instagram who are so so strong. Some of them have been trying to conceive for up to 6 years and I admire just how amazing they are. I know we’re still in the beginning of our journey and it’s nothing compared to some of theirs. I’m just documenting my journey and I hope I don’t offend you if you stumble across this post. I’m so grateful that you share your stories and I’m sending so much love to all of you. 💕

Are you on your own journey? How’s it going?

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2 thoughts on “Trying To Conceive – 6 Month Update”

  • Try and stay positive! I was told I’d most likely need IVF to conceive and I ended up falling pregnant accidentally whilst on the pill. Good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

    • Thank you Lucy! I’m definitely trying, it’s become so much easier to stay positive because I’ve made so many friends on Instagram. Everyone’s so strong.
      I’m so happy for you, Amelia is such a cutie!


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